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MySQL to MSSQL database transformation software facilitates to overwrite converted database with an existing Microsoft SQL server database. Converter tool migrate MySQL records into MSSQL database server without changing the original functionality. MySQL ...

MySQL to Microsoft SQL Converter

MySQL to MSSQL database converter utility provides option to overwrite converted data upon the contents of existing MSSQL database or save the converted MySQL database records at user specified location. DB migration utility supports all MySQL data types ...


Convert MSSQL database

Migrate MSSQL to MySQL database program provides facility to overwrite converted database records with existing database or saves converted database records at user specified location. Professional MSSQL to MySQL database migrator can works with all ...

Database Converter Software

Microsoft SQL database converter software facilitates users to overwrite the contents of existing MySQL database or save the converted MSSQL database records at new destination database. Database conversion service converts MSSQL to MySQL database with ...

Add, Remove and Replace PDF Pages  v.

PDF page replacer tool can be used to overwrite specified pages with another PDF files. User can also insert pages without replacing any page immediately after specified number of page. PDF page insertion software is cheap and affordable utility to add ...

Data Wipe Software 10.x  v.1.0

To erase magnetic media, we need to overwrite it many times with alternating patterns in order to expose it to a magnetic field oscillating fast enough that it does the desired flipping of the magnetic domains in a reasonable amount of time. Using our ...

Convert MySQL to MSSQL  v.

Professional and efficient db transformer utility does not modify original database table fields rather than overwrite exiting database records from MySQL to MSSQL. Easy to use MySQL to MSSQL database converter application is helpful for any user to ...

DBF to HTM Conveter  v.2 10

For example, you can configure the program to overwrite existing files, convert the codepage as is, in ANSI or OEM, save the structure, the information, remove carriage returns in memo fields, etc. The program will then save the generated file in the ...

MSSQL to MySQL Converter  v.

Database migration software is fully capable to overwrite converted database records with existing data base records and save at any user specified location.

Delete Files  v.11.04.01

So, the basic principle behind the permanent file deletion is to overwrite them with any random data. Software like Kernel File Shredder is built on this very concept to delete files and folders beyond the point of recovery. This application makes several ...

Sollic Solutions Image Resizer  v.1.04


- Resize from almost any picture format
- Convert from any picture format to any other picture format
- Rotate pictures
- Greyscaling pictures
- Add custom prefixes for resized, converted and greyscaled images
- save resized, converted and greyscaled images in subfolders
- Choose to overwrite original pictures ...

Express Rip  v.1 81

Additionally, the program can be run from the command line for integration with other applications and it can be set to overwrite files without prompting.

HDD Wipe  v.

You will be able to chose what sector do you want to overwrite,and overwrite one sector at a time. This software has a user friendly interface for easy use.

Best Database Converter  v.

MSSQL to MySQL database converter software supports to overwrite/merge the converted database record with already existing record of MySQL or creates new record to save the converted database at user specified location on disk for further access. MSSQL ...

CSharpShredder  v.0.3 Beta

Number of times to overwrite controlled by drop-down selection.
3. Can over-write with 1s and 0s or random (scrambled out of all keyboard input characters) data.

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