Software Developed by NCH Swift Sound

WavePad Sound Editor  v.4.0

With WavePad you can create professional recordings and edit audio easily. It is a complete sound editor with many options and applications.

TempoPerfect Metronome Software  v.2 2

The metronome is a powerful and useful tool for any kind of musician. It can help you play your instrument at the right pace by giving you various types of both simple and complex rhythms.

TempoPerfect  v.2.0

TempoPerfect is a free metronome application designed to help musicians play in time. Unlike most other metronome applications, TempoPerfect generates beats that are clear and won't give the musician a headache after a while.

Switch Sound File Converter  v.4 17

Switch is a stable and a comprehensive multi format audio file converter and is very easy to use.

Switch File Format Converter  v.1.12

Switch File Format Converter is a sound file converter for Mac.

SoundTap  v.1 2

SoundTap is a streaming audio recorder SoundTap is a streaming audio recorder that allows you to record just any audio that can be played through your Windows computer.

Pedable  v.1.0

Pedable foot pedal software lets you to emulate keyboard and mouse functionality using your foot pedal. This clever little piece of software will increase your productivity and make getting through your day-to-day tasks a breeze.

MSRS Recording System  v.0.0

MSRS is a powerful multiple channel voice recorder program designed for recording conferences, court proceedings, committee meetings and similar multi-speaker forums.

MixPad  v.2 31

MixPad is powerful multi-track music mixing software for audio production. Designed with all the audio studio features you need without the clutter, this program lets you mix multiple audio tracks together quickly and easily.

MEO Encryption for Mac OS X  v.2.12

MEO is a powerful data encryption application that will help you encrypt or decrypt files of any type, including Microsoft Excel, Word and PDF documents.

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