The Seventh Letter


The Form Letter Machine  v.1. 12. 2001

The Form Letter Machine is a program that will help you to write letters and emails by mixing and matching from pre-written paragraphs.

It's useful for people who regularly need to send out emails which include different components in different ...

Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Seventh Gate  v.1.1

The hit hidden object series is back, and it's better than ever! Venture through the hidden relics of Greece as you join Emma in search of her husband and daughter, who have fallen victim to a horrible struggle. They began their journey to uncover the ...


Loppy Letter Sherlock Plug-in  v.1.0

Loppy Letter Sherlock Plug-in will add The Loppy Letter by Chris Lopata to the list of sites you can search with Sherlock. The Loppy Letter by Chris Lopata. Personal Software - Chris Lopata called The Loppy Letter provides gossip, pictures, a webcam, ...

Letter Blocks  v.1.10.1

Can you discover the treasuries of words among the golden letter blocks? In this game, your task is to use the given tiles to form words with 3 to 8 letters. You will be given a grid which contains numerous letter blocks, and you can form words by clicking ...

Drive Letter Recognition Software  v.1 23

Once the Drive Letter Recognition Software is installed, the removable Disk icons and their description change.

For example, if the computer has an A:, C:, and D: drive before connecting the reader/writer, the drive letters will be assigned ...

The Hang Man  v.

Blank spaces has are provided, as the user guess the right letter, the letter appears on the screen.

Scrabble Letter Unscrambler Software  v.7.0

For example, the letters 'T A T U P R E C' will produce 'CAPTURE' and 'CURTATE' if the 7-letter option is selected. The user simply enters a set of letters manually or loads from a file and, using check boxes and can choose to produce words in a variety ...

MB Cornerstone Number

MB Cornerstone Number Software finds your cornerstone number or the cornerstone letter and also lets you know the significance of your cornerstone number or your cornerstone letter. The explanation, rather the interpretation of your cornerstone letter ...

Jewel Demo  v.5.0.5

The Jewel Church Accounting System is a software designed to meet the needs of local church treasurers as well as the conference treasury departments of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.
Jewel handles check writing, receipts, budgeting, reports, ...

Tams11 CueWords

Guess the five letter word to pocket the pool balls. You receive up to 5 chances to guess the word. Hints are given when you correctly guess a letter that is in the word. Use the hints to help you figure out the word. Four different game modes make for ...

LBE Contact Tidy Up for MS Outlook

Capitalizie the first letter of each word in name and address fields.

Guess It!

Guess it is an intellectual game, very funny and very addictive, you will have to guess English words while you only know the first letter and the total number of letters. The game features over 35 levels, high quality QVGA and VGA graphics, 44 kHz high ...

Flip Words

The first letter of each word you make will be revealed in the phrase you're trying to solve. Once you recognize the phrase, you can submit your guess--or, try to reveal all the letters for a special bonus! You can even create your own phrases!

MostFun Flip Words - Unlimited Play

The first letter of each word you make will be revealed in the phrase you're trying to solve.

English Lessons for Children

They are learning the alphabet letter names.

- It is classroom tested.
- The lessons are ready to use.

This book for childrens ESL is based on the recommendations ...

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