The Brown Eyes


AlphaPlugins RedEyes

" Allows to remove the red eyes effects from photos which were made with a flash.
" Tolerance parameter allows to set a sensitivity of algorithm and a size of area that will be processed.
" Darkening parameter lets make the eye ball more ...

Jvw File and folder hider  v.1.0

Hide folder and Keep prying eyes away from your private files. Have you ever wished there was some way you could protect your files & folders and private information from the curious eyes of 'others' who use your computer? With Jvw file and folder hider ...


Password Corral  v.

Password Corral is a powerful yet easy to use password manager that allows you to encrypt all the information you store in the program, keeping it safe from the prying eyes. This incredible program is highly customizable, allowing you to display your ...

FourEyes  v.1 10

The four-eyes principle dictates that at least two people must witness or approve a certain activity. Organizations use the four-eyes principle to protect themselves from dishonest individuals and mistakes.

ANIXIS FourEyes allows you to enforce ...

Instant Sleep  v.1 21

Either click on the Instant Sleep system tray icon, or right click on it then select Sleep on the popup menu appeared, or press a predefined hotkey on your keyboard to immediately hide your display of the unwanted eyes. Instant Sleep saves your time and ...

Splotches  v.3.0.248

Armed with a brush, you will have to stir splotches of different colors, so that they get mixed up forming the brown color when they are close to a multi-colored ball. This will cause the colored ball to explode with sound effects and amazing particles.

File and folder hider  v.1.0

Have you ever wished there was some way you could protect your files & folders and private information from the curious eyes of "others" who use your computer? With Jvw file and folder hider you can BLOCK & HIDE any file or folder you do not want accessible ...

ViPNet Safe Disk Mobile  v.1 2

It enables you to hide your personal information or company?s corporate secrets from the prying eyes of criminals, business competitors and curious people. With this software, you will no longer fear that some unscrupulous person may compromise your ...

ColorBlindness  v.

Color Blindness App help you to detect the ability of your eyes
to distinguish between different colors.
Its an simple app to use with simple navigations and detect the effected eyes at early stage.

Eye  v.2.1

" The game has a variety of bonuses, which transform the defenseless eyes into powerful beings. 4 levels included, each with new types of bonuses and monsters. Rack up as many points as possible in your free time!
You play as the eye, whose goal ...

InterpOSe for Digimap From Dotted Eyes  v.

Also included is the Dotted Eyes style file, enabling the rich styling of OS MasterMap data to be fully realised in ArcGIS as well as MapInfo software.

Cross Eyes  v.1.2

Cross Eyes consists of a grid populated with colorful dots. Neighboring dots of matching color make angry stares --that is, "cross eyes"-- at one another. The player must separate all such neighbors, sliding rows or columns of dots at a time, until no ...

SoftOrbits Red Eye Remover  v.1.2

Red Eye Remover offers automatic, one-click red eyes fixing. No need to carefully select the eyes area - just click on the eye, and red eye remover will automatically detect and correct the red-eye effect. The Red Eye Remover tool makes red-eye correction ...

FaceFun  v.3.0

The first thing to do is select the image you want to deform and mark the eyes, nose and mouth using dots. These are called 'morphing points'. The program includes three types of warping: customized warp, profile warp and video warp. The customized warp ...

PixEasy  v.2.4844.00028

It lets you customize your pictures with the help of a series of tools: red eyes effect remover, image filters, color adjuster, etc.

The installation process consists of several easy steps which don't require any advanced PC knowledge. The installer ...

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