That Is Like Runescape



Direcscape is an innovative software application that is like no other application. While, most software file management programs look like Windows Explorer, Direcscape has a unique interface that improves access to files and documents by enhancing the ...

Numba  v.32.0

Get ready to have some great fun as you increase your overall mental fitness in this amazing and extremely funny new puzzle game that is like nothing you've ever played before!
System requirements:
- Operating system: Win XP or Windows Vista


PCKeeper  v.

PCKeeper is a must-have application that is like 911 for your PC. It has everything you need to keep your system secured, clean, fast and attended.

PCKeeper is a bundle of most important system utilities for performing different tasks on your ...

VCD To iPAD(Windows & Mac)  v.2.0

iPad is a very sophisticated tablet computer that is like a complete package for entertainment. It is capable to perform all the functions that we usually perform on computer or laptops. It comes with a large memory capacity where you can store almost ...

EffexShop  v.2007

EffexShop is a Mac/Windows program that is like Adobe PhotoShop, it specializes in effects and is a must have tool for PhotoGraphers, it also is 100% free!It uses layers and masks so you wont ruin your source image!Download it today! . EffexShop Official.

Where Is That  v.

Where Is That? takes that information and displays it for you on a map, to see where almost any photo was taken.

Where Is That? is fast, metro-themed, ad-free and hooks into the Picture Hub so you can access it directly from the menu ...

What cloud is that  v.

Dont know what cloud that is in the sky, open the app and have a look at the thumbnails or medium sized images to match the cloud, tap the cloud to see a full description of what cloud it is.

Juke That  v.1.3.6

Juke That is no MP3 player. Juke That is a Party Jukebox. And when nobody places any wish, the Automatic DJ jumps in. He takes care that the music matches the last wishes played. And he favors popular songs, songs with many wishes in the past.But that's ...

Bat That Rat  v.

Bat That Rat is a fun game where you are an old lady that is tired of a rat. You will have to bat the rat to keep it out of your kitchen and make it never come back. The game can be played by anyone, but if you feel sorry for animals then you might not ...

Been There Done That  v.8 2

Been There, Done That is an affordable help desk program designed for the poor, overworked IT support person on a tight budget. The attractive and easy to learn interface makes it easy to record information about your users, their computers, peripherals, ...

This-to-That  v.1.0

This-to-That is an unit conversions utility. Have you ever needed to convert metric units to imperial, miles to kilometres, pounds to kilograms, knots to miles per hour? This-to-That is the tool for the job and handles a whole range of other unit conversions.

A Pose for That  v.

A Pose for That is packed with instructional and reference content. It includes:
* 30 minutes of video instruction from gentle to advanced
* a Pose of the Day - a new audio lesson streamed to your phone each day
* 88 poses with ...

Take That - Free  v.

Take That is a boxing game that lets you crop out someone's face and beat them up. It's the perfect way to take out your aggression on your boss, friends, or one of your ex's.

PSD 3D Converter  v.2.0

This program converts a multilayered PSD file to several views / frames that look like this picture were shot from different angles. These frames could be used for making 3D lenticular pictures.

PSD files could be prepared in Adobe Photoshop, ...

FlashControl for Chrome  v.2.0

Web browser plug-ins that act like multi-media players, such as Adobes Flash player, can use an inordinate amount of CPU and can potentially disrupt your Web browser. Such low performance is attributed, often unfairly, to the Flash player, when in fact ...

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