Take A Spin


Take A Shower!  v.

Do you have a busy schedule? Do you forget to shower regularly? Fret no more! Take a Shower! is here to save the day.

It will promptly notify you when it is time to take a shower. You tell it when you've showered and it resets the reminder for ...

Take A Pause!  v.2.0

Take A Pause! is a simple application that reminds you to take a pause at regular intervals while working. .


Take A Hike  v.1

About Take A HikeThe Iconfactory is happy to announce the latest collection from icon artist Anthony Piraino – Take A Hike. This fun and colorful icon collection is a perfect companion for those who enjoy camping and hiking in the great outdoors. Even ...

Take a Look at Our Java Menu and Take Your Pick Of The Java Kit That Suits You Best  v.9.0

Is your website looking unprofessional, boring or dated? Well have a look at our great and extensive Java menu from which you will be able to spruce up those ailing web pages.Wyka-Warzecha has an extensive Java menu that will provide you with, if anything, ...

Take a Note  v.1.0

Take notes while you surf the web, draft an email or brainstorm new projects. Whenever you need it, press Command+N, then type or paste the text into new note. Find notes with instant search. The sidebar gives you easy access to the notes, but once ...

USAPuzzle! Windows 2K+  v.1.0

Take a spin across the USA! Package of challenging puzzles for the states and capitals of the United States. Used in schools and homes around the world; geography scores improve rapidly. Serves as level one for the worldwide version "GeoPuzzle!" ...

Automatic Break Reminder Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to be reminded to take a break at regular intervals. The software will display a visual reminder or play an audio file at specified times. This application can be minimized to the system tray at the bottom ...

How to Hypnotize People Now a

If you want to learn how to hypnotize people you should take a look at the ebook called the power of conversaiona; hypnosis which was written by on of the best hypnotherapists in the world.

How To Take Screesnhot or Screensnap

How To Take Screenshot is tool which allows you to take a screenshot (snap) very easy. Only three clicks are needed. Moreover, it allows you annotate snap quickly, and share it to FTP, so you can immediately provide anyone over the internet with the link ...

Magnetic Resonance of Spin One-Half Particles Model  v.1.0

Simulate magnetic resonance of a spin one-half particle with this tool. Magnetic Resonance of Spin One-Half Particles model simulates the magnetic resonance of a spin particle. Users can vary the frequency of an oscillating magnetic field and see how ...

Spin the Bottle  v.

Use this app as a Spin the Bottle Game.
I created it and I'm sure it can save your device from being Spinned on ground one day.

Picture a Day  v.

Take a picture of your face every morning and see how you look like through a whole week! Take a picture of your favorite tree every week and watch it growing! Take a picture of your children every day and watch them getting older!

Of course ...

Make a face  v.

You can take a photo or start from one on your phone using the extras menu. Add a caption and save. Share with your friends. The free version has ads. The paid version is 99 cents and does not have ads.

A Gray World  v.

take a bw old style picture ...

A+ Math Facts  v.

Have fun while you learn and practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division! Take a multiple-choice Practice Quiz with no time pressure. Or, take on the Speed Challenge, where quickness and accuracy count for top scores. Compete with others ...

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