A Guide To Hair Extensions


A Guide to Using the Crystal Ball  v.1.0

A guide on how to use a crystal ball to achieve results. Examines how the atmosphere can effect readings and also what one should expect to see in a scrying session. Using a crystal ball takes practice but, when the results come to fruition, many find ...

A Guide To Salah (Prayer)  v.

The chief purpose of Salah in Islam is to act as a person's communication with and remembrance of God.

If you don't know it how can you communicate with god?

With this app you:
*Learn how to do wudu
*Learn the Adthan
*Learn ...


A Guide To Minecraft  v.

This app teaches you the basics of Minecraft. It's recommended for the people who want to play Minecraft but is not familiar with it.

Meeting Special Needs: A practical guide to suppo  v.

This practical guide to Dyspraxia and Neuro-Developmental Delay has been written to support all early years' professionals, as well as the non-specialist practitioner and parents or carers. The book includes: signs of Dyspraxia and Neuro-Developmental ...

Convert a PDF to Word  v.2.1

Do you want to know that how to convert a PDF to word without purchasing an expensive PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat? Are you in need of extracting text/images from PDF files? Then all you need is iOrgSoft PDF to word converter to convert PDF to word easily.

A Simple Guide to Buying a Franchise  v.

A simple guide to the questions you need to ask before buying a franchise

Please Note that the book is stored on your phone and you do NOT need a data connection to read it.

A Simple Guide to Buying a Franchise, by James London, is packaged ...

Begginers guide to making Flash/JS games

Want to make your own Flash or JavaScript games quickly and easily?

This eBook is a beginner's guide to creating games with Flash and JavaScript. The eBook has three sections based on articles from Game Innovator.

All the content in ...

Domain Guide to Success

Learn How to Quit your Full Time Job, Earn Money while you Sleep by Becoming an Expert in Domains! The Domain Guide will teach you how to get started in domains, develop and resell domains for a huge profit! The Domain Guide to Success outlines the steps ...

A-PDF to Video  v.3.9

Wizard will guide you through the process of creating your digital photo album. Besides you can make screensavers and screensaver install programs ready for distribution.

A-PDF To Video uses many fade effects to make your pictures come to life.

Video Guide to Paint Shop Pro  v.1 2

Video Guide to Paint Shop Pro is a comprehensive tutorial that teaches you all the things you need to know to master this complex application. The guide provides all the information you need in a clear and simple way combining graphics, videos and text ...

The PC Technicians Guide to Profits  v.1 10

The PC Technicians Guide to Profits is for any mobile computer service person already on the go or for the novice interested in starting a home-based computer service business. It gives examples of shop layout, equipment, essential tools, communication ...

Guide to USA  v.

‘Guide to USA’ is an app for people who want a simple and quick guide to the United States of America. This app provides summarized information on top tourist destinations in the United States, their history and the reasons that make them THE places ...

Guide to Yachts  v.

This is Your Complete Guide to Buying, Renting and Sailing Yachts!

Owning a yacht is by no means a small financial venture. Yachts can range in price from a few thousand dollars to basically unlimited. It's not rare to see them auctioning for ...


Pop-a-BMP-to-ICO is a simple image converter that was designed to make creating icons easier by converting 32x32 bitmap images into .ICO files.

A-PDF to Flash  v.2.0

A-PDF To Flash is a simple, lightning-fast and powerful desktop utility program that lets you to convert Adobe PDF files to Flash movies (SWF files) while preserving the original layout, image graphics and formatting.

The A-PDF To Flash Converter ...

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