Starting Running


Running Recorder  v.2.7.8

RunningRecorder is a software for recording Running Programs,Folders or Webpage,and replay at anytime.

Speed Up Slow Running Laptop  v.

Speed Up Slow Running Laptop software is the simple and secure program that allows you to speed up and enhance the performance of slow running laptops. It is the most popular user satisfied program and it has powerful in-built algorithm to speed up laptop ...


Windows Elapsed Running Time  v.1 6

There are several occasions when it could be helpful to know how long your computer has been running. Perhaps you need to check the last system shutdown, or to see if a power cut interrupted your system, or maybe your PC or laptop computer is simply slowing ...

Smart Print Spooler Not Running Fixer Pro  v.4.6.4

Smart Print Spooler Not Running Fixer Pro has many powerful functions such as automatically diagnose and fix hundreds of Windows problems and system errors; easily repair, clean, and optimize Windows registry; automatically remove system junk, keeping ...

FM Starting Point  v.1.0v5

FM Starting Point is a completely FREE FileMaker template designed for use with FileMaker Pro 10, and is focused on small businesses, work groups, and non-profit organizations. These templates were built with the experience gained from working with these ...

Running Applications  v.1.0

Running Applications is an application launching utility for Mac OS X Leopard that conveniently lists all running applications in a small, yet tidy floating palette on the users Desktop. A single click brings an application, including all its opened windows, ...

Running Clock 3D Screensaver

If you are sad or down, our Running Clock Screensaver will definitely put you in a good mood. With the help of several clicks you will get the funniest thing you have ever seen. Watch our alarm clock running along the countryside road and making short ...

What's that web server running

"What's that web server running?" provides a quick and easy way to determine what web server software a website is using. The program uses HTTP headers to determine what software, and often what operating system a site runs on. This utility is provided ...

Running Tracker  v.1. 8. 2001

Analyze and compare your Nike workouts with Running Tracker !
Main Features:
- Import your existing workouts directly from the Nike website
- Import your workouts from your iPod Nano
- Analyze and compare your workouts
- Generate ...

Running In Drafts  v.2.5

Running In The Draft - A small arcade game, played like "painting
on paper." The main feature of the game is that your character is
constantly on the run. Your task will be to try to jump over
obstacles - spines on the road, flying cutters, ...

Running Timer for Opera  v.1.7.3-3

Running Timer for Opera is an Opera Extension, will show how long the Opera runs, and furnish alarms to call attention to user. This extension has can show how long the Opera runs and record it. Now it support multiple alarm timers. On the popup page ...

Whats Running  v.3.0 BETA 9 2010-04-20

How should we do in this instance If there is a tool with which we can monitor and control the processes running on our system That's ok! What's Running is up to you! With this running processes monitor we can find out the exceptional processes real ...

CRP-Control Running Programs  v.2.0 Build 964

CRP (Control Running Programs) is a solution that will control all running programs within your windows session. In the section 'Instance Controlling', you can specify how many instances of a particular software will run at the same time, preventing memory ...

Starting abc&123  v.

Starting abc&123 is a simple but powerful application that will help kids to take their first steps into the world of reading and writing.
To do this, you just press the button corresponding to the letters or numbers and see a panel in which, pressing ...

My Running Log  v.

My Running Log is for runners who like to keep a logbook of their runs. Just enter the date of your run, the location, distance in miles or kilometers, and your time. You can also input which pair of shoes you wore and any notes you want to jot down.

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