Software Developed by Forecast  v.1.1 Forecast is a Opera extension, no bells and whistles, just your forecast, right in your browser, it display the current forecast of your location of choice right in your browser. Visit yr.

WhatsIsMyIP  v.1.0-1

WhatsIsMyIP is Opera extension, tells you public IP, your hostname and your UserAgent. Using this Opera extension you will be able to see what is your public IP address, your hostname and your useragent.

Weather Reporter  v.1.0.0

Weather Reporter is a Opera extension, get the current weather conditions & 4-day forecasts for your city and other locations around the world.

VirusTotal Extension  v.1.0

VirusTotal Extension is a Opera Extension, can check suspicious web pages and links directly with VirusTotal online antivirus scanner. Click on the "Scan current site" link. New tab will be opened with VirusTotals report. Additionally,

Unshorten Opera Extension  v.1.2.1

Unshorten Opera Extension can change shortened URLs back to the originals. If it finds any, it makes requests in the background to figure out what the real target URLs are. The extension can be configured to rewrite URLs to the originals, add a title

Translate Opera Extension  v.1.3

Translate Opera Extension can automagically translate foreign web pages into English. Make the whole web accessible:

To-Read Sites  v.2.1-6

To-Read Sites is a Opera plugin, temporary list of web sites you want to read later.How to use it: If you have desired page active (tab is selected): 1. Click on extensions button. 2. Click "add current".Site will be added to your list. Later you can

TinEye Search  v.1.4.0

TinEye Search is an Opera Extension, will send clicked image to TinEye, the online reversed image search service. Sends clicked image to TinEye, the online reversed image search service.

Shareaholic for Opera  v.1.0.1

Shareaholic for Opera Extension provides an easy way to share interesting webpages using Facebook, Twitter, Email, Gmail, Bookmarks, and more. Share links from within the browser, from any webpage, using the same services you already know and love

Running Timer for Opera  v.1.7.3-3

Running Timer for Opera is an Opera Extension, will show how long the Opera runs, and furnish alarms to call attention to user. This extension has can show how long the Opera runs and record it. Now it support multiple alarm timers.

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