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Logic 206: ES2 Exposed  v.1.0

The ES2 is an essential tool in any Logic editor's audio quiver - this tutorial exposes the ES2's deepest secrets. Steve H. and his trusty assistant Igor are at it again ... creating incredible tutorials, that is! This tutorial is as entertain ...


Eliminate all 35 cards from the initial card layout by placing exposed cards from the layout onto the discard pile, provided their face value is one higher or lower than that of the discard pile. Kings tend to block the play as no card can be played ...


2X LoadBalancer for Terminal Services

If your servers are exposed to the internet, hide the backend terminal servers by exposing a single gateway machine, and allow connection only via SSL - thereby increasing security of your Microsoft Terminal Services.

OpenOffice Draw Password Recovery

Even users who are not exposed to computer technologies can learn how to use OpenOffice Draw Password Recovery in just minutes and then instantly recover open-document passwords and remove ReadOnly protection to make the document editable again.

Altova Authentic

Altova Authentic 2009 is a FREE content editor that allows business users to view and edit data in XML documents and relational databases without being exposed to the underlying technology. They simply fill in electronic forms using the word processor-style ...

Hard Drive Wiping Tool

Comprehensive data shield software removes possibility of information exposed. Utility doesnt offer any prospects to let it retrieve furtive files again after elimination to use yet again. Tool fully wipes out confidential photo, video record and audio ...

Underground Hypnosis Info

The Underground Hypnosis Audio Course * Black Ops Interview o Secret Knowledge of Black Ops Revealed! o Advanced Hypnosis Interview Transcript * Underground Hypnosis Exposed o Revealing Look At Underground Hypnosis o Advanced Training Notes * Roots of ...

How To Cut Your Car Insurance Premiums In Half

You will also be exposed to little known techniques that cut your premiums in half. These include a discussion on the right way to shop for car insurance quotes as well as unchanging principles that you can capitalise on in order to reduce premiums without ...

Password Guard

It uses strong encryption and your passwords will never be exposed to the public.

Hulk Bad Altitude  v.

Having exposed himself to Gamma-rays, Dr. Bruce Banner transforms into The Hulk whenever he's angry. The game takes advantage of one of the most characteristic traits of the character: he can make high jumps stomp on anything that comes in his way. You ...

CAS UA Address Space Model Designer  v.2 1

One of the most important improvements offered by the OPC UA is a powerful Address Space exposed by the server to reflect the Information Model (OPC UA IM) of the underling process. The process information model is represented by nodes, attributes and ...

OWA Tray Monitor  v.2.0.4182

OWAtray uses a relatively new interface exposed by Exchange Web Services (EWS) which comes standard as part of Exchange 2007 (SP1) so if you are running Exchange at an older version than this then I'm afraid OWAtray is not much use to you. Sorry.

Additionally ...

CallingID LinkAdvisor  v.

You are exposed to fraud and PC damage whenever you don't know whose site you are visiting. In other words, you should always know who you are providing information to and buying from.

CallingID focuses on showing you the site ownership and ...

Private WiFi  v.

All your e-mail, website traffic, and facebook content is exposed.
Private WiFi® protects your identity and sensitive information by encrypting everything you send and receive.
Private WiFi installs in minutes and connects to our secure server ...

Trojan Cease  v.

Trojan Cease is a program that may discover any exposed or hidden Trojans and block/remove all Trojans at any time, realtime protecting your computer and personal information.
If your computer has one or several above symptoms, there is no doubt ...

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