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Yoga - Asana Dictionary  v.1.0

In this series of yoga demonstrations, we will learn how to safely and effectively move in and out of each asana (posture), using the pranayama (breath) as our guide.

Web Design 205: Designing CSS Floating Layouts  v.1.0

Learn to build CSS floating layouts with macProVideo.

Wassail Dark Ale 101  v.1.0

Brew with extract and get all the flavour!

Video Post in Pro Tools  v.1.0

There's a saying in the movie business - "Video is 2/3 audio" .

Trilian 101  v.1.0

3-hours of Spectrasonics Trilian tutorial-videos.

Synthesis With Sculpture  v.1.0

Sculpture is a full featured, professional synthesizer that frankly is more powerful & versatile than any hardware synth you can buy - and it comes with Logic!

Superior Drummer 2.0 Tutorials  v.1.1

Make “Killer” drum tracks using Superior Drummer 2.

Stutter Edit: Explored  v.1.0

St-St-St-St Stutter Edit: Explored is here!

Soundbooth 101  v.1.0

Soundbooth is an amazing application for creating and mastering perfect movie soundtracks.

Sonic Dimension in Mixing by Greg Townley  v.1.0

Greg Townley's mixing credits include films Sideways & Wedding Crashers, and artists Usher & Lil' Kim … Learn how Hollywood's Premiere Audio Engineer creates Sonic Space in his film and music mixes.

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