Sleepy After Eating


Worm  v.1 20

Drive a worm through a maze, on the way eating as many bright-colored apples as you can. After eating each apple the worm grows a bit longer and therefore is more tricky to operate. Lead your worm from the easy beginners levels to the most challenging ...

Snake_WP  v.

The snake gets longer after eating the food.

Developed by Kadir ABA ...


Digital Aquarium Screensaver  v.3.3.2

The small fish grow up after eating food. Click anywhere on the water and you will begin seeing ripples, the fish themselves will also create their own ripples once the ripples hits them.You can set the quantity of fish,camera focus,speed of bubbles,light ...

HungerTracker  v.

Keep track of how hungry you were before and after eating.

Gnome Runner for Mac  v.1.0

After eating such mushrooms the monsters get the ability to run very fast, finding the shortest way to the gnome. You will need quick reflexes not to fall into the monsters' traps, and to get through levels successfully.
Brief description of the ...

Twister Island  v.

Taz will only be able to destroy the Stone Statues after eating some food and going on a whirling rampage. Coconuts will give you extra points, but you will not seize them while Taz is in the whirling mode. You must avoid volcanoes. Taz will begin the ...

SheepGame  v.

After eating, the sheep may be difficult to control - This state will last until the sheep eats again. As you collect points, the animals will move faster and sheep will more frequently get out of control.
To practice there is a cheat mode where ...

DietPlan  v.

After eating some food it calculates the total calories gained by you and also telling your required calories so it would be easy to maintain how many calories you need in case if they are less so it will tell you how many calories are need to be burn ...

Ornamental Fish Aquarium Screensaver  v.1.6.6

You can feed the fish and watch them grow up after eating food. You will see the water effect by clicking anywhere on the water, the fish themselves will also create their own ripples once the ripples hits them. This aquarium screensaver will run on ...

Digital Goldfish Screensaver  v.2.1

The small fish grow up after eating food. This screensaver allows you to add 50 fish in the tank at one time.If you like goldfish and water lily,then Digital Goldfish Screensaver could realise your dreams.

Features: 25 species of goldfish, ...


Sleepy gives users the ability to easily lock or shut down one or more computers giving security and peace of mind. Sleepy is the perfect solution to securing business, schools and libraries after hours, and allow parents to protect their their family's ...

Sleepy Sound  v.1. 4. 2002

Sleepy Sound is designed according medical recommendations and promote more deep relaxation beforeand after sleeping.

AlphaPlugins FirTree for After Effects

AlphaPlugins FirTree is a free plug-in filter for Adobe After Effects. This plugin allows create animated fir tree branches. You can use these elements for decorating of your Merry Christmas and Happy New Year videos.
You can adjust parameters of ...

MS Word Change to Single or Double Space After Sentence Punctuation Software

Add or remove a space after sentence punctuation in MS Word documents. Word 2000 or higher required.

Recover Files after Delete  v.

Recover Files after Delete is used to retrieve formatted files from Windows XP, 8, Windows 2003, 2008 servers, Windows 8 and Vista. Deleted file recovery utility is freeware tool that helps you to get back all your deleted files from storage drives. This ...

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