Simple Sudoku File


Simple Sudoku  v.

Simple Sudoku is a simple yet complete sudoku puzzle with multiple options. It has 5 levels of difficulty, but only one board 9x9 size. The board can be maximized 14 times, and you can customize the general and marker colors. The user interface is simple, ...

Sudoku Champion  v.1 1

Sudoku Champion is a simple sudoku generator. In case you've never played sudoku before, the objective is to complete the empty cells with the numbers from 1 to 9, in a way that each column, each row, and each of the nine sub-grids contain all of the ...


M Distributed File System  v.0.8.2

MDFS is a simple Distributed File System for Linux and Windows. It's not a kernel module, just an app running in the background. You can use it to access (view, download, upload) files on a remote computer, for automatically backup your files, etc...

Php simple lightbox gallary  v.1.0.1

This is a simple Php file that creates a gallary from a directory of JPG files and puts them on a webpage and displayed using lightbox 2.4 ...

TextHarvest  v.3. 10. 2000

a simple text file filter; a programmable data conversion and extraction utility; a report mining converter. Copy, delete, parse, change (edit or reformat) records from ASCII or EBCDIC text or binary files. Reformat flat files from Windows, Unix or Mac, ...

BDS ISAM DB  v.2.0.1102

BDS ISAM DBT« is a simple, powerful file system for developers, allowing them to easily include a full file management system along with your applications. It is designed for situations where you need more than basic file stream functionality, but don't ...

Air Messenger ASCII

Air Messenger ASCII gives you the ability to interface multiple software applications or device for paging by generating a simple text file that our software can process into a page. Air Messenger ASCII also supports DDE and Command Line paging. Supports ...

Flash2X Wallpaper Maker

Users can distribute Flash wallpapers and install them to PCs by running a simple installation file. It is a powerful marketing tool for web designers or marketer.

WE Unlimited  v.1 20

WE Unlimited is a simple executable file that adds additional power to the Warcraft III World Editor without modifying any of the files of your Warcraft installation.

It enables map creators to do things previously not possible and extends ...

A3DSViewer  v.1 4

Free, fast and simple 3DS file viewer.

Main features:

- Converts 3DS files to the POV-Ray format.

- Outputs a POV-Ray mesh2.
- Provides possibility to output or ignore textures uv mapping.
- Provides possibility ...

Pedigree Viewer  v.6. 5. 2002

The program reads your simple data file and displays the full pedigree structure on the screen. Each animal is represented by its identity, or its name, or by its value for any of the traits in the data file. You can display a large pedigree of thousands ...

Hector's World Safety Button  v.1.0

The Hector's World Safety Button is a simple executable file which you can download here for free. The file installs a swimming Hector's World character in the upper right-hand corner of the Hector Protectorcomputer screen (pictured right).

MyLaunchMenu  v.1.0

With this program you can read a simple configuration file and automatically generates an alphabetical list of your specified programs. It then allows you to quickly launch these applications from the Task Bar.

Backup DVD  v.8 4

Backup DVD Pro is a DVD conversion application, which converts a DVD to simple vidieo file VCD/SVCD/AVI. It also burn VCD/SVCD directly. Now there is no need to keep DVD, you can view the movie in VCD player. Only you have to a single DVD Player. Backup ...

Web Statistics Montage  v.3 5

Web Statistics Montage is a free tool that compiles web statistics from multiple web sites and sends them to you in an easy-to-read, easy-to-compare format without having to log in anywhere! Just set up a simple configuration file, upload the files to ...

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