Simple Sudoku Java


Simple Sudoku  v.

Simple Sudoku is a simple yet complete sudoku puzzle with multiple options. It has 5 levels of difficulty, but only one board 9x9 size. The board can be maximized 14 times, and you can customize the general and marker colors. The user interface is simple, ...

Sudoku Champion  v.1 1

Sudoku Champion is a simple sudoku generator. In case you've never played sudoku before, the objective is to complete the empty cells with the numbers from 1 to 9, in a way that each column, each row, and each of the nine sub-grids contain all of the ...


GoToServers Simple SFTP  v.1.1

A simple SFTP java applet client build on Ganymed SSH-2 Java library.

Su Doku  v.2.0.0

Su Doku is a simple Sudoku generator. Su Doku can generate Sudoku puzzles. It is a sudoku generator and a sudoku solver at the same time.
You can specify the number of hints and also print the generated puzzle on paper. The software can solve every ...

Albatros Fuel Calculator  v.1.0

Basically this is a simple pure Java (one class) calculator that uses ResourceBundle and standard input to fetch the data from a user.Requirements:
* Java ...

Blog-txt  v.1.4.0

Simple desktop java application. Store local plain notes (or blogs), separated by categories. Every message ...

I2C4Java  v.1.0

I2C4Java is a simple I2C-Java Demo. We use the Devantech USB-I2C Interface and the Microchip PICkit I2C Demoboard. The tar-file contains the complete Netbeans-Project and a compiled Jar-File. To start use or i2c4java.bat (Windows).

KoffeeKup  v.1.0

KoffeeKup - The simple, bitter Java mixer for those that like to keep light A Java-based IDE geared towards developing your Java applications further in a slim, single file great for travel and minimalists ...

The Little Witch Game  v.1.0

Simple, small, Java Applet game, designed for low-powered computers. Its a 2D adventure type game where you collect ingredients to create spells, battle monsters and rescue your friend.

Tiny NNTP Daemon  v.1.0

Tnntpd is a simple, standalone, java-based nntp news-server.

Jawp - java space game  v.rc

Java mulitplayer strategy game. Adaptation of KDE Galaxy Conquest. (rules are changed - but still they are very simple). Uses java swing client.


Sudoku, a fascinating game but also a software for you : SUDOKU1 @NKH 2009. Grid generation, game, solution proposal, search of all solutions, score. Grids 4x4 to 16x16. 2006,2007,2008,2009 Championship. More than 50 Varients. For Children and Expert.

Password Cipher  v.0.1.1

A command-line to help encipher and decipher your password based on a simple algorithm. Java version provides GUI.

Genedator  v.1.2

net/projects/genedator/ or create your own plugins)
* in comannd line type: java -jar Genedator-1.0 jar software should launchGenedator Features:
1. plugin based
2. Java
3. simple UIRequirements:
* Java ...

SimpleSudoku  v.

¿Recuerdas aquellos sudokus que resolvías en los periódicos? Simple sudoku genera varias plantillas para que puedas resolverlas y mejorar tu capacidad lógica e intelectual.

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