Score Board


Cosmic Defender  v.1 1

Compete against other players via the Internet high score board. Free game with no spyware brought to you by ...

League Puzzle  v.2.0

If you pass a test success, your name will be engraved on score board. Create and play two absolutely different kinds of puzzles on your computer with realistic pictures in whole game. You can create new puzzle from different level with our 10 high quality ...


League Logic Puzzle  v.2.0

If you pass a test success your name will be engraved on score board. You can create new puzzles with your private image It can nicely exercise your intelligence, thinking capability, observation capability. The current edition registers customer will ...

Cricket Videos  v.

*Summary score board and full score board with bowling and batting stats.

*Team listing for both teams with individual player pages.

*Player page with biographies, galleries and related matches.

*Play memory game based ...

TiltNRollFree  v.

Your time gets recorded on an online score board. See how you compare against other players.

TrexCalculator  v.

It has a score board to display the final results. You can add pictures for each player if you want to. The calculator is easy to use, you just tap on the card or on the + and - boxes, then you select if the King or Queen is doubled or not. Then there ...

TiltNRoll  v.

Your time gets recorded on an online score board. See how you compare against other players!

7 Lines  v.

Plan your moves, connect 5 balls of the same color and lead the high score board! Make 2 lines to gain higher scores. The game is FREE to play and features:

1. Local high score
2. Undo with a timer
3. Automatically save/restore the last ...

Classic Tower Defense  v.

Added in the most recent update:
- Added high score board
- Fixed screen dimming issue during gameplay
- Various bug fixes ...

Remember Dots  v.

- International score board.
- Game saves so you can continue your game the next time you play.
- 3 different ways to play.

Version 2.1 – Fixed bad link in Game Over page.
Version 2.0 - Updated Ad Control.
Version ...

A Word Zapper  v.

There is no high score board for casual play and you can play the same game forever!

Options allow you to turn off sound, choose results in upper or lower case, and choose how to sort words.

Try it. You’ll love it!

MultiScoreBoard  v.1 5

This program is a tool that will hopefully fill a void in the sport life of schools and smaller sport clubs, adding color and excitement to their sports events.
MultiScoreBoard can be utilized simply with a computer and a projector. The program ...

Arcade Mah Jongg  v.1 30

Post your name on the high score board. In the gold pack you can play 85 unique and challenging levels across four level packs.

You must take careful aim if you want to keep your life bar high enough to reach more levels! Some tiles move back ...

Mini Golf Challenge 2002  v.2 2

But each "HOLE IN ONE" will bump you up just a tad! The high score board lets you keep track of your progress.

You only need to use your mouse during the game. Once the game has started your mouse curser will be replaced with a "target" or "gun ...

Final Approach : Air Traffic Control  v.

Challenge yourself in the 10 maps with varying levels of difficulty and test your skills by trying the night mode where airplanes are harder to spot!

Remember, collisions are fatal, plan your arrivals wisely and you'll be on the high score board in no time!

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