Saturation Adjustment


Helicon Filter

Available filters: noise reduction, white balance and saturation adjustment, correction of chromatic aberration, distortion and vignetting correction, cropping, rotating, resizing, sharpening and deblurring, adding frames, text, etc.

Movavi Video Converter  v.15.1.0

Video conversion is not the only function in this software: you can also enhance the quality of your video with brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation adjustment tools. Or you can rotate your video, or change the resolution or aspect ratio ...


Aiseesoft VOB Converter for Mac

Drag the Saturation adjustment bar to set the saturation of the video.
Drag the Volume adjustment bar to adjust the volume of the audio.
2.Check Deinterlacing
When you convert the interlaced video formats to obtain better output videos, ...

Picture Window  v.

Its features include perspective correction, color balancing, precise brightness, contrast, and saturation adjustment, retouching (cloning, painting, speck removal, smudge, etc.), filtering, compositing, resizing, tinting B&W images, creating photo calendars, ...

Great Photo  v.1.0.0


This Module enables you to quickly adjust your photos with Cropping tool, Automatic Image Enhancement, Highlight Effects, Brightness, Contrast, as well as Color Saturation adjustment.


This ...

PixTwix  v.5 5

With only a few lines of code PixTwix can add following functions to your application: antialiasing, box, radial and tangential blurs, low pass, resampling and softening filters, eroded, faded, or irregular border, framing, painting on canvas, copying entire image or selection to clipboard, pasting clipboard content as new image or into existing image, masked copy and paste operations, color reduction by thresholding or dithering, grayscale conversion, posterization, color replacement and filling, color gradient, threshold, embossing in user-defined direction, image encryption and decryption, intensity range compression, flipping, reflecting, reversing, colorizing, tinting, brightness, contrast, gamma, saturation adjustment, ...

Quack Player  v.

Quack Player Features:
* Easy Playlist navigation
* Easy Playlist building
* Snapshot taking - capture a frame within a video
* Wide range of media file handling
* Minimize to system tray
* Hue, Contrast, Brightness and Saturation Adjustment
* ...

LiteTouch Load Level Adjustment  v.1 1

LiteTouch Load Level Adjustment is a powerful tool used to modify lighting levels and experience change settings in real-time.
This new feature has the ability to fully demonstrate lighting level adjustments without being connected a CCU in the ...

Subtitle Time Adjustment  v.

With this Subtitle Time Adjustment you can easily adjust the time for subtitles (when they have to appear). With this easy-to-use tool, you can shift all time spans for the subtitles at once. Subtitles 1.5 seconds too early? Just add 1500 milliseconds ...

Window Adjustment  v.1.10

Window Adjustment is a simple window management for OS X. Features: Shrink to Left Shrink to Right Shrink to Top Shrink to Bottom Maximize, Full Screen Shrink to Center Shrink to Top Left Shrink ...

Total Adjustment for Final Cut Pro  v.1.0.2

Write a template name - Total Adjustment and choose category RGB HOUSE or make it. Click Publish and you are done. If you don’t have Motion 5 look at support site - how to install in FCPIn Final Cut Pro you will find in Titles RGB HOUSE group, where ...

Subtitle Adjustment Tool  v.1.0

With this c# tool you can easily adjust the time for subtitles (when they have to appear). With this easy to use tool, you can shift all time spans for the subtitles at once. Subtitles 1.5 seconds too early? Just add 1500 milliseconds and you're done.

Photoshop CS5 Retouching & Image Adjustment  v.1.0

Take photo retouching and adjustments to a whole new level…Learn advanced, professional techniques from a seasoned photographer. There’s photo correction that most people do, and then there’s the serious photo retouching and image adjustments ...

Image: Fix and Enhance

Image: Fix and Enhance features include hue, saturation, brightness, contrast settings, resize, cut, rotate and flip tools and 12 graphic filters (blur, sharpen, place in frame, trace and many others).

Image: Fix and Enhance supports ...


Powerful color adjustment tools let you change individual colors with ease. Adjust RGB, Hue, Saturation and Color Values with four graphical mixers. View CMYK printing colors. Use the screen magnifier for perfect accuracy. Save multiple palettes of colors ...

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