Review Wrong Answers


Word Flip  v.

1 Update:
-Added about page with contact info and review functionality
-Wrong answers will now provide feedback

Flip letter tiles to make as many words as you can before the timer runs out. Make a six letter word to proceed on to the ...

JCards  v.

It will track your score, wrong answers, correct answers and percentage of correct answers. See how well you can do!

Version 1.7
- Added Mango support.
- Added support button to send email to support.
- Added review button to review ...


SimpleMathsGame  v.

You can give the maximum 3 wrong answers. There will be addition, subtraction, multiplication etc expressions there. At the end, user will get the total score out of 10. Each expression carry out 1 marks.

Online Education  v.

*Take a quiz & review your answers to improve subject knowledge.
*Automatically download new subjects and fix broken links.
*Get notified on live tile when new subjects are added.
*Keep track of your favorite Videos for instant access.

Word Teacher  v.

Add words to a base and just start learning!

Word teacher counts your right and wrong answers, lets you to save your own word lists and what is the most important - turns your boring study into an entertaining game!

Supported languages:
- ...

Color Intelligence  v.

2 Changes
-Fixed Live Tile Visual
-Wrong answers cost a live.
-Changed the RBG value of yellow to get a better visibility.
-Tombstoning / Resuming support after accidental shut downs.
-Fixed additional minor bugs.

v1.1 Changes
-Minor ...

English Tenses Quizzes  v.1 5

Each time you answer a question, you can submit your answer to know if it is right or wrong, or you can complete the quiz and let the program give you your global score. If you choose the last option, you can then review the entire quiz to learn your ...

Bible Trivia Pro  v.1 1

If your answer is wrong at any point, you only earn the money of your last correct answer.

You can use several hints: for example, you can zap two of the wrong answers of the list, thus reducing your chance of error. Also, you can consult ...

ETS Learn Vocabulary By Pictures  v.1 6

A synthesized voice will say 'Perfect!' if the answer is correct, and 'No' if it is wrong. However, these messages can be disabled, if you want. At the end of each quiz, the program will show a report displaying the percentage of correct and wrong answers, ...

CCNA Practice Tests  v.3. 1. 2000

Also, the test engine enables you to review the wrong answers at the end of the exam. Category wise scoring enables the candidate to know the weak areas for further study. CCNA exam also includes simulation questions. As a result, the CCNA practice tests ...

IntelliGantt  v.

* Client side dashboard lets you review all your projects in one fell swoop.
* 'Browser View' let's you see your SharePoint or Basecamp projects right in IntelliGantt.
* Integrates with Bamboo Solutions Task Master, Project Portfolio Dashboard ...

Financial Solutions: 101 MBA educational pocket  v.

Chapters Include:
• Pricing, Sales, and Advertising Miss Margins
• Inventory and Production Shortfalls
• Profit Targets are off
• Risk-Return Unbalance
• Inability to Finance Weakens Business Development
• Business Control Threatened
• Cash Flow Disturbances
• Mess in Accounts Payable and Receivable
• Lackluster Financial Statements
• Costs Out of Control
• Budgeting and Cost Control Problems
• Fragile Internal Controls
• Tax Planning and Preparation

• Full course text divided by chapter
• Interactive flashcards for subject review
• Comprehensive chapter-level tests
• Explanations of right and wrong answers
• Save ...

Accounting for Management: Concepts and Tools  v.

Add in an array of features, such as bookmarking, detailed explanations of right and wrong answers and multiple Social Networking features and Financial Concepts and Tools for Managers.

- 11 full-text course chapters
- Interactive ...

Economic analysis for business and strategy decisi  v.

- Complete course text – 13 chapters
- Interactive flashcards for subject review
- Comprehensive chapter-level tests
- Explanations of right and wrong answers
- Charts, Examples
- Bookmark, in-app search
- ...

E-Commerce: cyberspace technology  v.

- The Growth of Electronic Commerce
- What is Ecommerce?
- The World Wide Web and Ecommerce
- Intranets and Extranets
- Marketing and Advertising
- Electronic Data Interchange and XML
- Electronic Banking and Payments
- Network Security
- Legal, Ethical and Tax Issues
- Assurance Services
- Establishing a Presence on the Web

- Complete course texts
- Interactive flashcards for subject review
- Comprehensive chapter-level tests
- Explanations of right and wrong answers
- Charts, ...

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