Rate My Body Parts


MB My Body Type

MB My Body Type Software is just the very right tool for you if you want to gain an attractive and healthy body, maintain it and improve upon it. This wonderful tool helps you find your body type and suggests the proper diet and exercises on the basis ...

MB My Body Shape

MB My Body Shape Software is just the exact tool that you should try if you want to do a body shape test and find your body type or body shape type. In addition to letting you know your body shape this tool also tells you the names of the celebrities ...


Rate My Kiss  v.

Rate My Kiss tells you how well you kiss on a scale of 1-100. Find out if you are ready for your moment!

Just kiss the sensor and get results instantly!
*Now with live tiles, fast app switching, and sound effects!

My Body Weight  v.

Track your body weight, BMI, body fat, resting heart rate and calorie burning or comsumption. Create a target weight and date to help you reach your goals. Get a reminder each day to get your latest measurements. Track your progress using a series of ...

Rate My Tattoo  v.

Rate other peoples tattoos or shown your own.

Pump My Body  v.

Ever wanted to have the kind of body that models do?
Think its impossible? Think again!
With a few simple,exercises,a balanced died and this application, you too can have the body of your dreams.

7 different exercises to try out,4 exciting ...

Rate My Car  v.

Upload your cool car and watch what people think of it or rate other peoples rides.

My Body Temperature  v.1 1

Some common and chronic illnesses require patients to monitor their temperature. This program allows you to keep a record of your temperature or that of your family members in an easy and convenient way. You only need to enter your name or that of a person ...

Rate My Dog  v.

Is your dog truly cute?

Take a picture and find out.

All pictures taken most be approved in order to appear in the app. It can take 24 hours.

Or enjoy all the cute dogs, and give them a thumbs up for cutenes.

Rate My Cat  v.

Is your cat truly cute? Take a picture and find out. All pictures taken most be approved in order to appear in the app. It can take 24 hours. Or enjoy all the cute cats, and give them a thumbs up for cuteness.

My Health Status  v.

In this product, you can calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index), BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), BFC (Body Fat Calculator), Heart Rate and find out your daily calorie needed to maintain your weight.

BMI is used to measure your “Body Mass Index” ...

Morpheus Photo Mixer

Morpheus Photo Mixer is compositing software that mixes up faces and body parts between two photos. Place one person's head onto someone (or something) else's body or combine the funniest features of two people to create a hypothetical third person. Create ...

Powerful Affirmations

I love my body. I am my own best friend. I know I can create any reality I want... Do you want to work with affirmations successfully? Powerful Affirmations offers you this opportunity: Watch the affirmation you choose while you work at your PC. Choose ...

Quidam2  v.3 50

To create thousands of different models, QUIDAM uses Model Packs which are made up of rich libraries of body parts, textures, props, poses etc.
On top of the Model Packs offered with QUIDAM, there are Additional Model Packs that can be purchased ...

The Defender  v.1.0

Watch for falling body parts! Save 5 world capitals (Paris, Washington, London, Moscow, Berlin) and the Earth from 5 types of enemies. Have fun and good luck!

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