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Siri for Windows Phone  v.

Your 4S friends annoying you about Siri? Fake siri conversations on your windows phone today! Program custom responses. Features include live tiles, speech recognition, text to speech, data compression(to save on 3g data), voice effects,

Rate My Kiss  v.

Rate My Kiss tells you how well you kiss on a scale of 1-100. Find out if you are ready for your moment! Just kiss the sensor and get results instantly! *Now with live tiles, fast app switching, and sound

Proxy Browser  v.

Be safe. Be anonymous. Be online with Proxy Browser. Proxy Browser puts your security first, using dozens of proxy servers to anonymously connect you to the internet.

Pic to Text  v.

Convert pictures to text. Scan documents, books, magazines, and more. Extracts text that you can copy to anywhere. Take pictures or load from your image library! New Mango features such as fast app switching and

Kromi  v.

Khromi Browser - Lightweight browser with full gesture support: - Swipe down for menu - Swipe between tabs - Swipe up for settings - Subtle 3d effects - Theming support - Up to 16 tabs! - Incognito - And

Intelligent Voice Assistant  v.

Iva: your voice controlled mobile assitant! Dictate emails, send texts, get directions, and more form Iva. Simple "metro" UI with data compression to save data. Let Iva make your life easier. Speak naturally- it understands! Just follow the "first

Dictate Notes  v.

Talk to your phone- faster than typing! Converts anything you say to text and allows you to pin, email, copy, translate, sms etc. Includes new Mango features such as live tiles and fast app switching! Designed to use as little 3g data as possible!

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