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PDF Batch Print  v.1.0

PDF Batch Print will help you create a list of PDF documents and print it. It will automate your PDF printing process. An automated PDF printing system. Drag .pdf files from Windows Explorer, drop on pdfbat. Click Print to print all files in order to ...

Print Console  v.3.0.0109

Print Console adds a level of control to your print queues that is above and beyond any Windows functionality.
This intuitive and easy to use interface gives any Administrator or Help Desk technician complete awareness of live Print Jobs, Print Queues, ...


Batch Doc Print  v.

Batch Doc Print is a program that adds batch print ability to Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Reader (or Adobe Acrobat), it allows you to batch print microsoft office documents and batch print PDF files.
Batch Doc Print will help you to save money ...

Helpinator Pro  v.3.5

Helpinator is an easy to use help authoring application with unique productivity enhancements not found in any other tool. Helpinator Pro is an easy-to-use help authoring application that produces CHM, PDF, RTF and HTML.Basic features:
1. Produces ...

Tagwin-dglt  v.1.1

Its main purpose is to help you easily tag folders in order to make them more accessible.Usage: put all scripts under system PATH
1. t.bat - : tag current folder
2. g.bat - : change folder
3. d.bat - : delete tag
4. l.bat - l : list ...

Ped2raw  v.1.0

ped2raw -i -s
ped2raw -s OPTIONS:
-i Input PED file (filename or path)
-s Pass snips list (aka mapping file)
-o Pass output directory for new files
-h Print this help screen (the same as without ...

Rainbow Painter  v.3.2.1

Rainbow Painter offers you all sorts of advanced technologies to help you become a better artist.
You will find a wide range of good life-like tools such as airbrush, oil, pastel or just a simple pen.
Several different blend modes are supported, ...

AaPhoto  v.0.40

Generates a new image file on the diskUSAGE: aaphoto [options] [source files]
The following image types are supported (thanks to JasPer and libpng): mif, pnm / pgm / ppm, bmp, ras, jp2, jpc, jpg, pgx, png
Quality settings can be applied only to jp2, jpc, jpg formats
The following options are supported:
-h --help Print this help
-v ...

DenoiseMyImage Command line  v.3.1

exe options
-h : print this help
-l [string](obliged) : license file
-i [string](obliged) : input filename
-o [string](obliged) : output filename-si [double] : denoising strength luminiscanse (1-50)
-sc [double] : denoising strength ...

Potrace  v.1.9

General options:
-h, --help - print this help message and exit
-v, --version - print version info and exit
-l, --license - print license info and exit
File selection:
- an input file
-o, --output - write all output ...

Potrace for Mac OS X  v.1.10

] General options: -h, --help - print this help message and exit -v, --version - print version info and exit -l, --license - print license info and exit File selection: filename - an input file -o, --output filename - write all output to this file -- ...

TEPSA Print Control  v.4.0

TEPSA Print Control is a powerful centralized print manager & print auditor that help automate and simplify the administration of printing for Windows print-server, remote IP and locally connected printing environments.

Print Control captures ...

Print Censor ME  v.1.0

Print Censor ME is a very simple in use program for management of statistics of printed jobs on the printers, used on Your computers. This program is invoked to help to you, when it is not enough of standard means of audit Windows. Using Print Censor ...

3D Print View  v.1.0.3

Monitor your network print resources and help reduce your print costs with 3D Print View.Print Visibility
1. Get an instant view of your print network.
2. Supports all major manufacturers and models.
3. See exactly how much your organisations ...

HP Print Diagnostic Utility  v.

HP Print Diagnostic Utility is a handy and reliable utility designed to help users troubleshoot and correct common problems that can prevent printing. Follow the on-screen instructions to run the utility. The HP Print Diagnostic Utility does not require ...

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