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Press Release Script

Press Release Script - Create Own Press Release Submission Web Site. Make Money with Google Adsense, Affiliates and Advertisement. Easily Handles Thousands of Press Releases. 12 Professionally Designed Themes. Change the look of web site with one click.

MTA Press Release  v.1 3

MTA Press Release is an excellent press release posting tool, very useful for advertising purposes. Use it to quickly and easily post your messages to the editors of magazines, web archives, and information boards. Just select recipients you want to post, ...


Bubble Bug

When the bugs approach, press the mouse button to inflate the bubble and then release the mouse button to release the bubble and catch the bugs. Do not press the button for too long and inflate the bubble too much otherwise the bubble will burst and ...

Grid Assault  v..63

Press P for pause
3. Press Z to take a screenshot
4. press ESC during play to return to title screen
5. press ESC on titlescreen to exit gameCurrent "features":
1. When you reach level 20, it's game over! How much can you score before ...

Crop&Resize2  v.

Press the Open button and select the photo you want.
2.Enter a number in the text box to specify the size.
3.Move the photo, then press the exe button.
4.Press the Save button.

Photo Board  v.

Press the New button.
2.Select the background.
3.Press the OK button.
4.Press the Open button and select the photo you want.
5.Move the photo, then press the Paste button.
6.Repeat 4 and 5.
7.Press Save button.

Press Release Template

Helps you write a compelling and effective press release. Microsoft Word format - simply click and type to create a standard-format press release.

Press Release Submitter

How many times have you tried to submit your press release to various media outlets without any concrete results?
This waste of time and valuable information can now be avoided by using our latest software that will connect you
with the most ...

Press Release Tracker  v.1.3

Press Release Tracker lets you easily find the web sites, publications, news outlets, etc. which have picked up your Press Release for additional distribution or reference.Press Release Tracker can also assist you in determining which distribution outlets ...

Active MediaMagnet

Active Media Magnet is the first software product that completely automates your press releases management and internet publicity strategy! Now submitting your press releases to over 33000 media contacts (including newspapers, magazines, radio, tv, specialized ...

3herosoft DVD to PS3 Converter  v.

Automatically read and retrieve DVD info from Internet including director, film name, studio, genres, release date, etc.
3.Press the "Trim" button, you can get any part of video from DVD by setting the exact time or just drag when you view it.

DivXLand Media Subtitler  v.2.0.0008

There are three different captioning modes: press and hold, manual mode, and preview only. The first one allows you to press a button and hold it to set the times that a certain subtitle should stay on screen. It is a great way of setting ...

Chessmaster Challenge  v.32.0

In order to play all you need is your mouse, move your mouse over your objective and click the left button to select a piece, move your mouse where you want to place the selected piece and press the left button again to release it. Rules of the game ...

Abundante  v.

The main objective of the game is to move your paddle to release and grab the ball to destroy bricks and collect gems that fall down. A nice action game, very easy to play and to navigate. Main screen will allow you to select play, learn how to play, ...

AllChars  v.4.0.321

The program will wake up after you press the CTRL key. Once you release it, you will have to type the two specified keys to get the special character or symbol assigned to that macro. By default, 'a m' will popup AllChars menu at the cursor (the same ...

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