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CORBA::MICO - Perl interface to MICO ORB  v.0.6.7

CORBA::MICO is a Perl interface to the MICO ORB.Its most distinctive feature is that it is completely dynamic. It is not necessary to pregenerate "stubs" or "skeletons" - all necessary information is retrieved at runtime.

OpalORB - A Perl ORB  v.b.0.1.6

opalORB (a Perl ORB) is an implementation of the OMG CORBA ORB standard and follows the CORBA/e Micro Profile plus DSI/DII. This Perl ORB is written completely in Perl and does not require a C compiler, but contains interoperability tests in C++ & Java.


The harmless ORB  v.0.0.4

A CORBA ORB for the .NET Framework.

Aveyond: The Lost Orb  v.32.0

Aveyond: The Lost Orb is the third part of the Orbs of Magic series. In this epic game you must help Mel find the orb and destroy it before it gets to the wrong hands. To achieve this major goal, you must perform a series of quests that involve reaching ...

Orb Caster  v.3.15.0047

Once you've downloaded and installed Orb to your home PC, login to mycast.orb.com, using any internet-connected device with a streaming media player (mobile phone, PDA, laptop) and start MyCasting all your digital media anywhere anytime. Orb is also compatible ...

Orb Mini Controller  v.2 2

Download standalone mini controller for Mac or PC to control Orb Music, Orb TV or Orb BR from any computer. Use the mini controller instead of a Smart phone or as a second controller.

Search Engine Position Orb  v.2.0.2

NOW FREE! Search Engine Position Orb - find your search engine listings easily.

Search Engine Page Position Checker.

No need to trowelling through pages of search engine listing to try and find your own listings.

'Search ...

Win7 Start Orb Loader  v.1.1.1

Win7 Start Orb Loader can change your start orb fast and easy, help you change your start button with just a few clicks.Win7 Start Orb Loader Features:
1. Change your start orb WITHOUT changing explorer.exe. If explorer.exe is corrupted, you see more ...

Windows 7 Start Orb Changer  v.4

Windows 7 Start Orb Changer is a free tiny portable tool that allows you to change your Windows 7 start orb with just one click. No need to manually do anything! Just select your start orb bitmap and you are done.There are 2 files and 1 folder in the ...


ORB is a fast-paced 2D action game requiring skill to keep your rolling ball on solid tiles and to not fall down. Use fans to jump across large gaps and boost fields to get the full thrill. But take care to not run into dangerous mines or getting pushed ...

Common Lisp ORB  v.b.0.7

CLORB is an Object Request Broker implementing CORBA 2. It currentlysupports DII, DSI and the POA. The goal is to make the mapping followthe proposed mapping for LISP, but currently this is only half done.

CORBATester, for testing CORBA Servers  v.1.0

A command-line based (atleast for now) tool for testing the interfaces provided by CORBA servers. Implemeted in Java using interface repository, DII, DynAny APIs. Very useful tool for CORBA developers and testers.

Eclipse CORBA Plugin  v.rc

An Eclipse plugin for editing CORBA IDL files ...

Orbas - CORBA Java Implement  v.rc

Orbas is an open source Java implementation of the OMG\'s CORBA standard(Minimum CORBA and RealTime CORBA standard).It includes a number of CORBA Services, such as Naming Service, Event Service, Trading Service, ...

SNMP Trap to CORBA Notify Service  v.rc

This program receives SNMP traps, converts them to CORBA structured events, and pushes them to a CORBA Notification service. This program incorporates JacORB, Java SNMP, log4j, and Wrapper (for installing java apps as NT services).

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