Nautical Looking Typefaces


2010 Nautical Almanac  v.1 10

Complete 2010 Nautical Almanac in pdf format. Includes star charts showing the planet's positions for each month.

Nautical Almanac  v.2017

2017 Nautical Almanac in pdf format which includes monthly star charts with the planets' positions. It also includes parallax corrections for the planets.

Supplementary tables such as Increments and Corrections, Refraction and Dip are available ...


Nautical Miles to Kilometers Converter

Have you ever had a problem converting from nautical miles to kilometers? Worry no more! With Nautical Miles to Kilometers Converter your troubles are over. With simple sliding action you can see answers instantly!

Best Reminder in Looking For Teen Survey  v.6

Best Reminder in Looking For Teen Survey Sites
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Welcome to my free survey list, fellow online ...

Nautical Charts  v.

NOAA nautical charts with animated tides and currents, markers, routing, and tracks. Charts cover the entire USA coastline. Use GPS to map your location, plan a course, mark locations, and show tides and currents.

Make Professional looking graphs with Java 3d Graph Software  v.9.0

With 1-2-3 PieCharts you can now quickly and easily create professional looking 3d graphs without any of the usual hassle. This 3d graph software from Java is the perfect way to show statistics and information in an eye-catching and easy to understand ...

Nautical Calendar  v.1.0

Nautical Calendar is a full featured, stunningly produced Desktop ADvantage calendar based on a nautical theme with motivational saying. The calendar features advanced graphics capability, a super convenient 3-year calendar view, an easy to use weekly ...

Who's Looking  v.1.1.2000

Would you like to know who was on your Mac when you were not looking? Who's Looking can help. Unlike other apps that only snap a picture when your computer wakes up, Who's looking works in two ways.First, Who's Looking continuously snaps and s ...

If You Are Looking For Different kinds of Java Menus Types Then Look No Further Than Wyka-Warzecha  v.9.0

Have you ever thought about how your website looks to its viewers? Is it eye-catching? Professional looking? Modern? If you are unsure about the answer then chances are you need to update it, and there is no better place to start than our Java menu types.

Crawl Multiple Sites Looking For Links Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to find HTML and file links in one or more specified URLs. The user can add URLs or load a list of them from a file. There is an option to retrieve HTML links or file links and a check box to allow extraction ...

LAN: Looking Any Network  v.2.13

This software provides a DNS resolver, network scanner, message sender, port scanner, tracerouter and user database.

Nautical Necessity  v.

Obtains and displays near-real time NOAA buoy data for use by surfers, boaters, fisherman, hurricane watchers, weather hounds, and beach-goers.

View information from 700+ active NOAA smart-buoys, consisting of wind speed, wind direction, air ...

Looking for Faults  v.

look Pictures for Faults on time ...

Typefacer  v.1.0

It lets you quickly preview the different typefaces available, which is Ideal if you are looking for a suitable font style for your project. The program includes a default text area to give you a general overview, but you can also add your own text to ...

AstroNav  v.1.1.6

Using the same standards of accuracy as published tables but with a catalogue extending beyond Barnard's Star; it can be used as a sight calculator, a definative astronomical reference or simply to print daily Nautical Almanac pages. Multiple sights ...

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