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Mouse Button Control  v.10. 6. 2001

Mouse Button Control converts Middle-Mouse-Button-Click to a Double-Click. It is as if you pressed the left-mouse-button two time very quickly. This is handy if you do not need the Middle-Mouse-Button, but do a lot of Double-Clicks.

Converts ...

Click Buddy Auto Clicker  v.1.0

Auto clicking is resting the mouse cursor over one area of the screen for a specified amount of time to perform a mouse click. This allows painless operation of any Windows computer without clicking a mouse button.

Click Buddy can perform left ...


Cok Free Mouse Emulator  v.1.0

Cok Free Mouse Emulator is software which simulates mouse operation with keyboard. You can click numeric keypad 1, 2, 3 to emulate mouse left click, middle click and right click, click numeric keypad 4, 5, 6, 8 to emulate mouse move toward left, down, ...


Use the mouse to click a magnet and rotate it so that the magnets may be connected and destroyed. Note that when a certain amount of time has passed, some magnets will be locked and cannot be rotated. The game is over when there is no way ...

Combat Engineer  v.2.0

Left mouse button click uncovers the cell. Digit in cell shows number of neighbour mines. No digit - no mines around. Right mouse button click marks the cell where you think the mine should be. Also you can play play with keyboard. Every time you try ...

4dots Software Image Resizer  v.1.0

With this tool resizing images gets as easy as a mouse right-click.
Simply select the images you want to resize in Windows Explorer , right-click with the mouse and select Send To 4dots Software Image Resizer
The images will be resized and saved ...

GamepadMania  v.1.0

With GamepadMania, you can drag mouse cursor, click 3 mouse buttons, press most used keys in the keyboard via your gamepad's buttons and axises.
Feature List:
-Easy to enable and disable
-Easy to change key combination
-Start with ...

Magic Fingers  v.

Launch files, folders, applications and URLs quickly using just a single customizable keystroke, or use your mouse to click it from the tray menu.

Setup hotkeys that make sense and open web sites and applications faster than ever, e.g. Ctrl+Shift+G ...

WPrinter Lite  v.

Just two mouse clicks to set your Windows default printer. Mouse double click shows the Printer Properties dialog. Resides in the System Tray only. It easily shows the system default printer. And much more.

GooBalls  v.1 1

Move your mouse and click to drop goo balls. Click the dropper pipe or press Spacebar to change next goo.

Animal Right Right Touch  v.2.0

Move the mouse to click on three or more of the same picture elimination.
(1)Cute animal heads;
(2)Audio support: Start/background/eliminate each with sound control switch;
(3)Shows the game time-consuming and progress;
(4)Stand-alone ...

Magic Fingers Hot Key Launcher  v.

Bend time and space by assigning a hot key combination to each of your favorite file, folder, application, URL and launch it quickly using a single customizable keystroke or use your mouse to click it from the tray menu.

The tray icon is almost ...

Quick Key Launch  v.1.3 Build 562

Quick Key Launch is a launch tool, freeware, with which you can launch any software or document from a command box, quickly, handyly, with a few keystrokes, or one keystroke and one mouse double click.
Drag any software or document from windows explorer ...

HmClicker  v.0.1

hmClicker is a mouse click automation tool. You can setup time interval, select mouse button click area and some more.Features:
1. time interval
2. area selection
3. button selection ...

CuteMenu  v.2.0

CuteMenu is a small utility that allows a user to customize context menu (menu that appears on right mouse button click) in any Windows application. It runs on background without occupying your desktop space (just its icon is shown in the Taskbar tray ...

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