Migraine Aura


Blue Planet Glowing Aura Flash  v.1

Blue Planet Glowing Aura FlashIn a self contained movieclip.Drop and drag into your project.You can make colour changes by using effects, filter adjust colour.Opens with any version of flash.No actionscript requiredBlue, planet, glowing, aura, animation, ...

Aura DVD Copy  v.1.30

With Aura DVD Copy, you can easily and quickly backup your favorite DVDs. Aura DVD cloner software can copy DVD movies to computer hard drive, and make perfect 1:1 copies to new DVD discs without quality loss. Aura DVD Copy also functions as DVD decrypter ...


Aura DVD Ripper for iPod  v.1.38

Aura DVD Ripper for iPod is the versatile iPod movie converter that can rip DVD movies for iPod, and convert AVI, MPEG, FLV, RMVB, VOB, MOV and many other video formats to MP4 or H.264 videos for iPod nano, iPod classic and iPod touch.

Besides ...

Aura DVD Ripper for PSP  v.1.38

Aura DVD Ripper for PSP is an easy to use DVD to PSP ripper and PSP video converter. It can rip DVD and convert a wide range of videos to PSP playable MPEG4 video files. It also supports PS3, Sony Walkman and mobile phone videos.

This super ...

Aura Flash to Video

Aura Flash to Video is a powerful utility that converts Flash (.swf) files to AVI, MPEG, MP4 and other videos with movie clips and audio in the Flash movies. With Flash to Video Converter, you can easily turn your Flash videos into memorable projects ...

Aura Video to Audio Converter  v.

Aura Video to Audio Converter is an application that lets you convert WMV, MPG, VOB, DV, MOV, MP4, 3GP, FLV, and RMVB videos to audio files, such as MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, and WAV. Aura Video to Audio can also convert audio files to MP3, WMA and others.

Aura DVD Ripper Professional  v.

Aura DVD Ripper Professional is a program that can rip DVDs and convert between video formats. This program can grab movie files from any DVD and convert them into a format that your preferred portable device can play. You can choose your conversion profile ...

Aura  v.6. 1. 2007

Aura ...

Aura Flash to Video Converter  v.

Aura Flash to Video Converter is a SWF video converter. SWF is the only format it supports, which makes the uses for this application quite limited. SWF was very popular with the advent of Flash, but it has now been replaced by FLV and it soon will be ...

Aura Video Editor  v.1 5

Aura Video Editor is a professional video editing software that enables you to create your own video movie and slideshow. With Aura Video Editor, you can now make a professional looking video with numerous and outstanding video effects and transitions.

Cleansing Aura  v.

When the body gets dirty we take a bath, when the clothes get dirty we wash them but how do we wash the negativity and dirt of our soul ? This application gives you tips on cleansing your aura, replenishing your energy and charging yourself and your environment ...

The Human Aura  v.

What is the Human Aura? What colours are associated with the aura? How can it be explained? What affects the Human Aura and as a consequence our health? How can you build up a strong Aura? All these questions and more are addressed by Swami Panchadasi.

The Magic of the Aura  v.

For those of you who perceive ‘aura’ simply as a distinctive atmosphere or quality, The Magic of the Aura will open your eyes to a completely new and fascinating world and reveal the aura to be an incredible, scientifically proven metaphysical phenomenon: ...

A Sinister Aura  v.

The Adventures of Polly & Handgraves: A Sinister Aura

Heavy rains force Polly Plum and her valet Montgolfier Handgraves to seek lodging in a small town on their way back to Worcester, MA. Polly soon discovers that they have arrived on the night ...

Aura 15  v.

Try and solve the puzzle in as few moves as possible!

Latest update makes all puzzles solvable (a fairly large oversight on our part, sorry), adds ability to email support and rate Aura 15 from inside the game.

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