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Youth Forever  v.

Keep ageing at bay, stay young and vital,

Yantra  v.

If Mantras are sound vibrations with potency, Yantras are geometric patterns that emanate specific energy fields. Almost all the ancient cultures had their own sacred geometry to ward off any kind of negative influences.

Talismans  v.

Want a whiff of good luck ? Want the force to be with you ? Need that extra something in life ? Check out the Talisman application and select your lucky Talisman and let it work its magic in your life and help you attracts good luck, success,

Face Value  v.

This is a fun application where you upload your picture and it gives you an analysis of your

Divine Calendar  v.

Divine Calendar is a unique, easy to use and first of its kind of application. It brings you many unique features - Daily spiritual alerts,

Diet And Health  v.

Diet is the fuel for the body. The yogic attitue towards diet is to " eat to live and not live to eat." Today the only meaning of diet as commonly understood is to loose weight but the real purpose of diet is to keep the body healthy and functional.

Cosmic Numbers  v.

Numerology is the perfect mix of science and numbers.Cosmic Numbers 2012 is a Numerology based application that prepares full customized horoscope,daily predictions and interprets it in simple terms for you.

Cleansing Aura  v.

When the body gets dirty we take a bath, when the clothes get dirty we wash them but how do we wash the negativity and dirt of our soul ? This application gives you tips on cleansing your aura,

Chakra Meditation  v.

Like our physical body we also have an energy body or aura. As our physical body has different organs through which we absorb energy to survive,

AyurvedicRemedies  v.

We are what we eat. In Ayurveda, it is said that the food that is eaten is divided threefold. The gross part becomes excrement. The middle part becomes flesh. The subtle part becomes the mind. After DNA it is our food that determines our thinking,

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