Meet Real People


Enemy Nations  v.1.0

Meet interesting people on the Internet, then build big tanks and show the bastards who's boss. Now that you've landed on the last planet, all you have to do is feed your people, power your city, fuel your economy, deploy your army and destroy Enemy Nations ...

Play89 Internet Billiard

The 17 languages game platform of play89 allows everyone from everywhere to enjoy a broad range of billiard games, including 8 ball, 9 ball and snooker, to meet new people from all over the world and of course practice and sharpen their gaming skill.


Buzzdock  v.1. 10. 2001

Ever meet those people that always seem to be in the know? They seem to mysteriously have the scoop on what's going on. Whether about a certain industry, a hobby, a subject or whatever, they know the buzz on that topic.

With Buzzdock, you'll ...  v.1

com is a free social network: Play with other people, talk with other people, meet other people. Play free multiplayer games online, directly in your browser, or using your android smartphone/tablet. Chat with players, view their photos & profiles, and ...

3D Pitch Deluxe

Play Pitch, (also known as Setback especially in New England), with dozens of colorful computer opponents or online against real people from around the globe. Pitch Deluxe makes it as simple as a few clicks of the mouse! With both novice and advanced ...

Starport: Galactic Empires

Team up with other real people, or blow them out of the sky! Explore distant star systems, start colonies on alien worlds, hunt for treasures, and become the most famous captain in all the galaxy.

GetClub Chess Game

Play with real people, Bring your Friends to play Online with you at Cafe/house/College. Download GetClub Chess Game to play Chess daily.

Stendhal  v.

Are you looking for adventure? Want to fight for riches? Develop yourself and your social standing? Meet new people? Do you want to be part of a brave new world?

Stendhal is a fully fledged multiplayer online adventures game (MMORPG) developed ...

A Tractor  v.0.54.6

miniature online civilisations populated by real people...worlds with their own economies and battles, aims and rewards, and if you're lucky, giant bongo playing monkeys.

You can play flight sims, have car races, go fishing, see butterflies ...

My Avatar Editor  v.1.0.4

Avatars are digital representations of real people. When you create an avatar in My Avatar Editor, you can then save it for later use or share it with others using a unique avatar URL.

The goal of My Avatar Editor is to allow users to be able ...

Microsoft V-Chat  v.2.0

Select an avatar and visit with your friends and meet new people with this chat program.

NetGyver Express  v. Beta

Communicate and meet new people (chat rooms, private chat), share photos and videos with your friends without downloading (streaming).
2. Manage and sort your files more easily than ever though a rethough file mangager.
3. Share entire folders ...

Electronic Brains  v.

Try David, Lisa, Mary-Ann, Michael, Polly, The Architect and Timmy! Chat with them just as you would with real people. Figure out what they want, how they can help you, or just enjoy their unique personality traits.

■ Experience ...

Badoo  v.

Badoo is a social network where you can meet new people. With over 150 million users, Badoo is great for chatting, making friends, sharing interests, and even dating. It's free and easy to use. Find new people near you now!

Want to have lunch ...

Social Locator  v.

Meet new people
Chat with them
Get their location
Get routes to them
Share your location ...

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