Man To Man Spanking


Math Man

This is a pac man game with a twist. In this game you need to control the Math Man to eat all the ghosts. You can only eat the ghosts after you have eaten a special food, when a special food is eaten, you will be given a formula, and you can only eat ...

Pac Man Advanced

This is a classic game of pac man. In this game you should move Pac Man to eat all the foods in the maze, there will be a ghost chasing you and you should get away from them. There are also special power foods scattered throughout the maze and after you've ...


Sushi Frenzy

Help a young man to run a sushi restaurant. Serve the hungry customers as fast as you can. Swat those bugs that disturbing your valuable customers. Play this fast and challenging game.

* 2 modes available : Career & Survival
* Play through ...

Megaman Virus Mission

Is a fight to the death between Megaman X and Magma Dragoon! A very fun turn based RPG Mega Man game. Mega Man is back to save the world. Will you help Mega Man to destroy the virus?

Megaman RPG Final  v.2.0

First, you get to battle the original six robots from mega man in any order. You then win their moves to use in battle. After the six robots; Bomb Man, Guts Man, Cut Man, Elec Man, Ice Man, and Fire Man have been destroyed, take on the Evil Dr. Wily at ...

Battle of Words  v.1 1

We're looking for a worthy Captain to man a fleet of Battle ships... To come on board you need a mind full of nouns, cunning strategy and quick thinking. Load each ship with a noun (you can even make up your own), carefully plan your strategy, head out ...

Sokoban Pro  v.1 20

Control the man to push the box to the designated square for that level. (Note: You can not drag the box).
When all boxes have been successfully moved to the designated square, you win!
This game is not as easy as you think. In fact, some levels ...

1 Nutty Santa Screen Saver  v.2 8

Christmas! The most joyous season of the year!
And who is the main character of this season?
You are right! Santa Claus!

Nutty Santa Screen Saver will bring the jolly man to your desktop.

This funny screen saver will bring ...

Bakers Game Freecell  v.1.0

Baker's Game is renowned as the most difficult Freecell Solitaire variation known to man. It plays similarly to the card game Freecell, but in Bakers Game you must build stacks by suit, NOT by alternating color.

As in Freecell, beat Baker's ...

Four Suit Spiderette Solitaire  v.1.0

Four Suit Spiderette Solitaire is the hardest version of spiderette solitaire known to man. Spiderette solitaire is a derivative of spider solitaire, but uses fewer cards. Beat four suited Spiderette Solitaire by separating all cards into sorted stacks ...

E314Center  v.4.5

It takes a mysterious man to solve the mystery of wave propagation.
You hero has no weapons, no superpowers
But the world is arranged so that your words take on
shape and strength of their own.

Xeonyx Cursors  v.1

If you like smooth, these cursors are made from the smoothest substance known to man. Sort of. But they do use alpha blending to blast away the rough edges.This is a full cursor set with animation. The zip includes an inf file to install the theme.

Vasudev Balvant Phadke  v.

A small try to describe the first man to fight against the british rule from india.

Army Ranger  v.

Experience one of the harshest trials known to man - The 2010 Best Ranger Competition.

RoadTripRunner  v.

Ever imagine a little man running alongside you, dodging obstacles when you are looking out the window in the car or the bus? Road Trip Runner brings this little man to life. In Road Trip Runner, the little man will have to dodge shurikens by jumping ...

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