Magus Chrono


The Rise of Magus  v.1.0

The Rise of Magus is an original platformer built in Game Maker 7 and inspired by the character Magus from Chrono Trigger. Gliding allows Magus to move more quickly, and can allow him to remain airborne for a short period of time. It's an important part ...

Antenna Magus  v.

Antenna Magus is an antenna design software product.
Antenna Magus has revolutionized this first step in the antenna design process by broadening the scope of possible antennas that would be considered during the initial phase of design.
Antenna ...


PC Chrono

PC Chrono includes countdown timer with custmoziable sound notifications, stopwatch and digital clock. Its timer is capable of resuming your PC from any sleep mode (S1,S3 or S4). Voice synthesis is used to remind you about timer/stopwatch progress or ...

Magus: In Search of Adventure

Magus is a charming creature with a gift for magic and a heart for fun. One day, he journeys into an enchanted wood and sees glittering jewels scattered everywhere! Bedazzled, he begins scooping up the priceless gems.

Chrono Namer  v.1.0.0

Chrono Namer is a tool for organize your photos, video clips etc. It rename images to time-formatted name.

Usually Cameras, cell phones etc. name their images with an index number. This makes it easy to sort the images from one camera. But ...

Chrono Connect  v.1 4

Chrono Connect 1.4 is program for collecting data from a chronograph connected by serial cable, USB-Serial adapter cable or USB ( for CED M2 ) to a PC. Chrono Connect registers and can let you save the power of projectiles being fired through your chronograph.

Chrono Fractionné  v.

Ce chronomètre personnalisable convient parfaitement aux sportifs qui pratiquent les exercices par séries.
Chrono Fractionné fait le travail de 2 chronomètres en un seul !

Nouvelle version avec l'arrivée de Mango

N'hésitez ...

Chrono-BUZZ  v.

Chrono-BUZZ is an application that lets you know how long you have been talking during a speech. You can ask Chrono-BUZZ to vibrate your phone every 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 minutes after starting the built-in chronometer.

Chrono-Stats  v.1.0

Chrono-Stats is a Half-Life:Counter-Strike log parser. What makes it unique from any other, is the built in web panel. It lets you update stats, configurations, and the look of your stats, all through a web based admin panel.

Web Chrono Desktop  v.1 10

This includes a calendar, a reminder, a to do list, a program launcher, a file grabber, an extended clipboard, a unit converter, a web update checker and more! This freeware works for you! The philosophy behind Web Chrono Desktop is leaving the computer ...

Multi Chrono  v.

Multi chrono is very simple to use and useful for different situations where you need to count time.

Chrono Acupuncture -TCM open points  v.2.0

This software provides you with 3 methods of Open Points calculating in classical chinese acupuncture. You should choose necessary time, date and one of 3 Open Point methods. The software displays the "open points" for an influence of any kind: acupressure, ...

Chrono  v.

wonderful wristwatches that work ...

GPS Chrono  v.

GpsChrono is a chronometer using GPS to measure distance, speed, position and other data to user.
If GPS signal is good GpsChrono can understand if user just completed a lap; if signal is low or missing user can disable this automatic feature and ...

StopWatch2paste  v.

a stop watch application that let you store intermidiate laps times, it is possible to reset the chrono without loosing intermediarte times, so it is possible to store a compleate training session, it let youmodify or add information to each interediate ...

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