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BoxEasy Jukebox

The screen looks much like a pub jukebox and works in a similar way. BoxEasy does not use tag information which is often of varied quality; songs are organised by folder and file name. An alphabetical search bar and track-search feature make accessing ...

Screen Booty  v.

Are you tired of the Windows boot screen?
Do you hate that logo staring at you while the operating system loads?
Would you like to see something nicer instead of that logo?

Screen Booty will allow you to display any image as your ...


IPod Image Extractor

4Ghz;20 Mb free memory;24bit 800x600 resolution is required although the ImgPod Extractor GUI looks much better under 32bit 800x600 mode. The ImgPod Extractor Image Browser enables you to view thumbnails of 100 photos at one time, you can scroll up ,down ...

ImTOO MPEG Encoder  v.

1, the program has a much nicer interface, which makes our job more pleasant. In addition, it now runs faster; and the quality of the conversions has been improved greatly. It is possible to set up the program in any of the following languages: English, ...

Funky Farm 2  v.

You will need to spend some money from your income to buy accessories for the animals - this will not make you any money, but your animals will look much nicer. You will begin with nothing but grass and a few sheep, which you can shear to ...

PhotoOptimizer  v.1.8.6

User will find out that the digital looks much better and keep the details. The color of Skin, the balance of the photo, the details will be more better than optimumed... It is true, just by one click! Also, Kesway PhotoOptimizer provides a useful compare ...

Windows Phone Clock  v.

-The glide animation has been smoothed out - looks much better now!!!
-Added date under the clock
-Few UI improvements ...

Cage Fighter  v.1.1

app icons by removing the rounded blog edges and making them much nicer looking. Tristan O’Tierney.

QLColorCode  v.1.0

Just download and drop the plugin into your ~/Library/QuickLook folder and enjoy a much nicer Quick Look experience.What's new in this version:- Hopefully fixed the crasher bug by keeping us single-threaded- Added Actionscript, Lisp, IDL, Verilog, VHDL, ...

Magic Bullet Looks  v.2.0.3

Color sets the mood of your story, from the gritty blue of an action scene to a hot red romance, and Magic Bullet Looks 2 redefines how you design with color. Looks 2 keeps the heart and soul of Looks 1 while upgrading to a more sophisticated interface, ...

Blaine's Film Looks Effects  v.1.0.1

There are 9 different film looks available. These effects work with Windows Movie Maker 6.0 (either under Vista or Windows 7).
- Film Look - Bleach Bypass - simulates a common film printing process that results in higher contrast, ...

How much do you Love  v.

The intensity varies from time to time, but not by much.

Check out this app to get your % every second!

Happy App-ing =) ...

Too Much Too Soon Plugins  v.707

Too Much Too Soon Plugins is a set of free plugins for Apple Final Cut Pro and ExpressSlow Motion (New July 2007)Change the speed of interlaced video to 50% then apply this. It will alternate betweenthe fields creating the smoothest slow motion possible.

Magic Bullet Looks Studio  v.

In Red Giant's LooksPack: Indie Film, independent film director Eric Escobar offers a collection of 20 original and fully customizable preset Looks inspired by classic American independent films, specifically from the last decade.


Looks Like  v.

Designers often ask: what their designs will look like on a real phone.

Using this app they can put their design on a web server and then view them live on the phone ...

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