How Much Does Win Maximizer Cost


How much do you Love  v.

The intensity varies from time to time, but not by much.

Check out this app to get your % every second!

Happy App-ing =) ...

How Much Tip  v.

Design, quick and free tip calculator.


Meeting Counter  v.

Have you ever wondered "how much does this meeting cost?" Well, you don't have to wonder anymore! The MEETING COUNTER is like a stopwatch that counts the true cost of meetings.

The MEETING COUNTER also captures statistics such as the most expensive ...

MyCreditCard  v.

Everyone has a credit card and everyone wants to know – how long will it take to pay it off? How much does it really cost me? Can I pay it off sooner? What can I afford? In this regard , the Credit Card App is your friend. It can set you free or at ...

Meeting Cost Calculator  v.

Ever wonder how much a meeting will cost your company? This app allows you to quickly calculate how much a meeting costs in terms of salaries in the room. It provides a quick look up list as well as a stopwatch feature.

Sales And Tips  v.

Whether you need to know how much an item will cost after a discount or the amount of a tip at a restaurant Sales and Tips will calculate them for you. By using its simple; yet, intuitive interface you will be able to easily apply discount percentages ...

MS Points Ultimate  v.

But how much money Microsoft Points cost?

This application let you convert Microsoft Points to two prices in your currency: the online price (i.e. and the price at your local store, which is sometimes lower than the online price, ...

Car Trip Cost Calculator  v.

Helps you keep track of how much it really costs to drive places in your car.

Uses distance and fuel consumption rate to determine fuel costs, and also accounts for maintenance costs.

You can save as many 'trips' as you like, and can ...

Money Is Time  v.

How much do those jeans really cost? You know the price tag, but do you know how many hours you need to work to get those jeans? This fun little Windows Phone 7 app does the math for you and provides a quick sanity check before you splurge. Or just use ...

Ink Coverage  v.1 15

A perfect solution for needing to know approximately how much a print job will cost before printing. This is a small easy to use application that does one thing - reads ink or toner coverage and gives you the calculated results based on the yield results ...

Haircut Tracker  v.

Track haircuts with ease!

Ever wonder when was your last haircut? How much you spend on average? Now you can track all your haircuts in one easy app!

Features include:
- Easy, fast entry
- Rate haircuts to see who does the best ...

Audiophiler Music Organizer

You can keep a record of where and when items were purchased and how much they cost. Loading your music collection is quick and easy. Put a CD in your CD-ROM drive and Audiophiler will download all the album information from the Internet CDDB service ...

Car Log

Car Log - Keep track of your car's expenses! Petrol consumption, mileage,
maintenance, repairs and tuning cost. Are you sure you know how much you spend on your car? Sometimes what we think it is, is not what it is. Better play with Car Log and see ...

Watt U Use  v.3 3

Watt U Use is a free software utility that provides you with a unique functionality - the chance to know exactly how much energy each of your electrical appliances is consuming, how much they cost you, and which of them is the most power consuming. Thanks ...

CutList Plus fx  v.12.0.16

Calculate exactly how much material to buy for your project, and what it will cost.Spend more time in your workshop, less time drawing layout diagrams.

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