Kobe Earthquake


Earthquake Mode  v.

Phone in "EarthQuake Mode" will detect the shaking and tell you what to do during an earthquake.
1. Launch EarthQuakeMode before you go to sleep.
2. Put down the phone on a flat surface. The application will automatically start to detect the ...

Earthquake Warning Level  v.

The user can specify the area and time period that will be observed and customize options for earthquake warning levels. Current earthquake warning level is displayed on toast notification and application tile. The earthquake data stored in the application ...


Earthquake Monitor  v.

Earthquake uses USGS data and is refreshed approximately every fifteen minutes. The map is completely updated at midnight GMT. Use the refresh button to update the map. Note, however, that the map only changes if an earthquake has taken place since the ...

Pocket Earthquake  v.

Pocket Earthquake allows you to access and control the vibrator in your phone. Change the pulse duration and pause duration using dedicated sliders to create any pattern of vibration desired.

Earthquake in Zipland  v.2.0

Suddenly the earth begins to shake, Moose is thrown to the ground, and before he knows it, a severe earthquake rocks his small paradise and rips the island apart. Moose finds himself on a tiny raft floating in the ocean, full of sadness, guilt and questions: ...

Earthquake 3D  v.2 35

Zoom and spin your way around the globe while viewing earthquakes in 3D. Adjust and customize the display to see earthquakes in a variety of different ways. Filter earthquakes by size and time - then select from many options that include quake indicators ...

Earthquake Watch  v.

Get information of the latest earhquakes from the USGS.

In version 1.1 we fixed some crash bugs, and added color to the list.

Earthquake Ticker  v.

Recently recorded Earthquakes in a compact and straightforward overview.


ST-RISK™ is a software package used by insurance and mortgage due-diligence investigators and structural engineers to perform detailed earthquake risk analysis for individual buildings. These analyses and reports are used by mortgage brokers to make ...

Angel church A

~ a cataclysm ? or, rather, something like an earthquake.Daily services in connection with the School would not be expositions of various kinds of church music, but real services of worship and intercession. Another item asked about involvement in particular ...

City Invasion  v.

The city's defenses have been crippled by a massive earthquake.

The enemy has taken this opportunity to launch an attack. It's up to you to rally your men and push back this vile assault.

Build units to attack the enemy headquarters ...

Jane's Realty 2  v.32.0

This well-known business lady Jane comes back again! This time she is here to reconstruct a small town resort that has been greatly damaged by a powerful earthquake.

Now you have a unique opportunity to practice and improve your skills in real ...

NewBlue Motion Effects for Windows  v.2 4

Using the truly impressive NewBlue Motion Effects, you can easily simulate an earthquake, blur the images, ripple the frame and warp the image to increase the energy level or create action effects.

This collection includes: Active ...

Trellian WorldTime  v.

World Time also shows recent earthquake locations and much more. See the benefits and features below.

World Time's advanced options allow you to toggle the shadow map, clouds and date and time settings. World Time also includes ...

Community Seismic Network  v.1 11

Community Seismic Network is a new earthquake monitoring system based on a dense array of low-cost acceleration sensors. A primary goal of the system is to produce block-by-block measurements of strong shaking during an earthquake. Such 'shake maps' can ...

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