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All articles of Worth1000.

Windows Smartphones News Follower  v.

NEW: - more news provider (english) - filter options to enable/disable providers - 3 different font sizes ----------------- Reduced to the absolute minimum RSS feed reader for fast, unfussy display of news. News can be sent

Most Played Songs  v.

This small tool shows your most played songs as ... top 100 songs ... top 10 albums ... top 10 artists and plays your songs with a double click. Features: - Live Tile with the options "Random Top 10-Song", "Random Top 20-Song", "Top 1-Song" or

Earthquake Ticker  v.

Recently recorded Earthquakes in a compact and straightforward

Dark Russian Trainer  v.

Dark Russian Trainer is a training card-based utility. It helps you to learn Russian words, sentences and how to speak them with the integrated Russian text-to-speech feature. The idea is that you create your own training cards, based on your level

Dark RSS Reader  v.

NEW in 3.0: - optimized rendering for all three display styles - faster and non-blocking feed loading - Marketplace integration for WP7 app news - share news with mail, sms and social networks - Bug fix: Empty feed list after start with a following

Dark Note  v.

Dark Note is the right place for any notes, messages and things you just want to quickly write down. The application is very easy and compact to use: - you can edit, create and delete single notes - if you want, you can send a note via email - any

Dark Higher or Lower  v.

Can you guess whether the next card is higher or lower? And you can repeat that? - Endless game or new game after a mistake - Four different color palettes - Four levels of

Bundesverwaltung Follower  v.

All articles of the Swiss Federal Administration (news.admin.

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