Jump Over Colors


Double Ninja Jump  v.

Fast and frantic fun, make the the Double Ninjas jump over obstacles. The more obstacles the ninjas avoid, the faster they go!
Crash and you have to build their speed up again, but at least you get a breather.

The full version allows you ...

Snoopy  v.2.99.06

The modernized remake of a forgotten C64 jump and run classic.Guide Snoopy the dog back home to his doghouse.Jump over holes in the ground and dodge enemies,laser beams and lava stones.Free download of a funny game with over 100 levels.



A peg can move into its adjacent blank space or jump over another peg into the empty space.

Crazy Taxi

Press the arrow keys to dodge other cars, accelerate and decelerate, and press the spacebar to jump over them.

Extreme Trucks  v.9.0.45

In the game, a heavy jumbo truck is under your control, whether wheel over the humpy road or make a rotate in the air to jump over a little hill, it is up to you to steer this giant smoothly. The UP ARROW KEY is allocated to accelerate the engine, and ...

Pacman3D  v.1 3

Pacman3D game for fun! You can jump over walls. 20 levels. 3D OpenGL graphics. Very dynamic game.

Run Run Mario  v.1.0

Run as Mario as you jump over bushes, Goombas, and gaps. Help Mario to run as far as possible, earning points, unlock achievements and new worlds, upgrade skills and improvements. Mario can bounce by pressing the space key.

Mouse Mind - secrets of Pharaon  v.1.0

You can move, push stones and jump over obstacles. Solve puzzles collect all the treasures to finish the level and to proceed to exit door.
The number of moves is limited so think hard. Number of moves is limited because you need a vital energy.

Skating Stan  v.2.0

It is a free little game, where you have to help Stan to jump over stacks of truck tires and other obstacles. It is all about the right timing! A bit too early will end up in fall and a bit too fast won't do any good either.

Luckily the game ...

Running In Drafts  v.2.5

Your task will be to try to jump over
obstacles - spines on the road, flying cutters, etc. Jump
wisely, to calculate the height and optimum time to release
the button to speed up your character. Top scores may be
listed in the table ...

Ninja Joe classic  v.

Use your skills to jump over the rooftops of the city, in a frenetic and dangerous race.
Easy to start playing, with 25 levels of adrenalin.

Bouncy Car  v.

An amazing never ending drive!
Jump over the gaps while shooting down the ALIENS..

Unlimited sequence of day, night, dawn & hell modes to keep you engaged...
UFO’s, aerial attackers, fiery meteoroids, dynamites, blistering rings and ...

Free Run Lite  v.

Free Run is a game where you have to clear the obstacle course by making the player jump over the obstacles at the right time. It may sound simple, but is definitely not! Its absolutely FREE!

Three different backgrounds to choose from.

Each ...

Yeti Attack !  v.

Udate 04/2012 :
* Score now reset when you died !
* Balon yeti are more aggressive !
* The delay betwin touching the screen and jumping should be fix.

Yeti are attacking !

Jump over its by tapping the screen at the right ...

Hamster Run  v.

* jump over obstacles
* use the trampoline to jump higher
* the accelerator to speed up
* take shortcuts with the teleporter
* use the gravity switch if you can't progress

But be careful about the traps on your way.

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