Jewels Of Gemopolis


Jewels of the Nile  v.

Capture the mythical jewels of Anuket, goddess of the Nile River, before they disappear forever. Use your incredible scarab shooter to move left, right, and even up and down for fantastic never-before-seen shooting angles. It features 3D accelerated graphics, ...

Jewels Of Egypt  v.1.0

Jewels of Egypt is a challenging puzzle game with 50 levels of gem-swapping, tile-matching fun! Line-up 3 or more matching gems to unleash explosive chain reactions, and explore the mysteries of Egyptian tombs, arrid deserts and mummy-infested pyramids.


Jewels of Cleopatra  v.

'Jewels of Cleopatra' is a puzzle game with an outstanding interface, which recreates a race for the Cleopatra's jewels between two characters: Dr. Felicity Turnstone (the one you're helping out), and Shady McGrady, a notorious art dealer. The game place ...

Jewels of the Red Sea  v.1.0

The Jewels of the Red Sea features assorted species of marine angels including Fire Angel, Banded- Angel, Queen Angel, Blue-Ring Angel, Blue-Striped Angel, Queen Angel, Lemon-peel Angel, Multicolor Angel, and Rusty Angel. In a crystal clear water of ...

Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar  v.

Fifth in the Tarzan series.
Tarzan returns to the source of the gold where a lost colony of fabled Atlantis is located, in order to make good on some financial reverses he has recently suffered. While Atlantis itself sank beneath the waves thousands ...

Scarabs of Pharaoh  v.1 3

Move three brilliantly colored jewels of different sizes into a group and they'll disappear off the screen. Work quickly and the Pharaoh will be pleased. Take too long, and the Pharaoh will snatch away your glistening gems.

A vivid puzzle ...

Diamond Detective Deluxe  v.

Diamond Detective Deluxe


Stop thief!
Calling all detectives!
The unsuspecting city of Gemopolis has fallen victim to a clever jewel thief in Diamond Detective Deluxe.
Help the Chief of Police retrieve ...

Bejeweled Twist  v.32.0

You have to join jewels of the same kind, and as you do it, they will explode and in that way you will get some points. You will find a lot of precious stone such as rubies, emeralds,amber and so on.

At the beginning of the game you can choose ...

DropIt!  v.

In this game you need to clear jewels by aligning jewels of the same colour. DropIt! has four different game modes and 99 levels in each mode.

Classic: The classic columns style game
Turbo: Fast paced action
Countdown: 1000 seconds to ...

Ruby Rush  v.

Take part in the competition by combining rows of colorful jewels and advance in the online highscore system!

* Match 3 or more jewels of the same color by dragging a line between them with your finger!
* Time is limited: Your progress bar ...

Castle Battle  v.

And its last protection was the 12 jewels of ARCADIA.

Your army had to protect these jewels.

Mean Features :

- You can compose your army with soldiers,archers,giants,knights,wizards depending the money you earn ...

Tomb of Giza  v.1.0

Now trapped in the Egyptian tomb, your only escape is through capturing the Nine Sacred Jewels of Khufu. Collect the jewels by blasting blocks to gather coins. These coins are used to earn jewels as you attempt to flee the necropolis. Move skillfully ...

Hexagem  v.

Suppose you had a chance to gather up all the jewels you ever wanted! Sounds exciting? Of course with every treasure, there is one small catch. Designed as a jewelry box with six sides, HEXaGEM can be referred to as a Tetris-type game, but just a bit ...

Jewel Mines  v.

You will have a board with some colored jewels, that will go up from the bottom of the board. You will need to click on groups of three or more jewels of the same color, in order to make them disappear from the board. You'll be rewarded with more points ...

Jewel Quest Solitaire  v.2 72

Jewels are dropped onto the board based on how you play the cards. The jewels dropped will match the suits of the cards that are played. However, jewels will not be dropped for cards from the reserve piles.
Gold spaces are worth bonus points. Gold ...

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