Java Sql


Java.sql.ResultSet DOM Wrapper  v.1.0.rc.2

Java DOM wrapper for java.sql.ResultSet; Allows using XPath / XSLT on a thin DOM document representing the result-set. Document does not contain the actual result-set data, only references to row and column indices.

Java SQL-Admin  v.1.0

SQL-Admin is a tool entirely written in Java. It uses JDBC and swing . Admin offers a SQL-Monitor, Data-Export, Data-Import, dynamic forms, guided Query, DML functions and data selection. It 's code-generator generates OO-Wrapper and SWING-GUI.


ZCFac  v.1 2

zCFac automatically generates Java, SQL, and HTML for dynamic web applications. The classes handle data access, dynamic searches, navigation, display, and access. Provides options for various edit widgets, search level, and hooks for custom code. zCFac ...

H2  v.1.3.154

H2 is a Java SQL database. This database can be used in embedded mode, or in server mode.H2 Features:
1. Very fast
2. Open Source
3. Java
4. Embedded, Server, and Cluster
5. Disk and In Memory
6. Strong security featuresTo use ...

MyJSQLView  v.2 81

The JDBC provides the driver interface between the Java SQL, structured
query language, statements, and the database. As of the release of this
version of MyJSQLView the application has been tested with both MySQL
and PostgreSQL databases.

MyEclipse for Mac OS X  v.10.0

Why use MyEclipse: Complete Solution MyEclipse is the most comprehensive Java EE / J2EE IDE for the open source Eclipse platform, period. Over 300,000 man hours have gone into MyEclipse, ensuring both depth and breadth of features. Big Bang for Your ...

NetStores FrontPage Add-In  v.1.0

NetStores FrontPage Add-In is an excellent tool for installing functional icons in your web, NetStores provides shopping cart services that allow your customers to select items to add to their shopping cart, to view the contents of their cart, to check ...

AdvaSaR Pro  v.4. 7. 2007

- Adjustable multilangual interface;
- System of interactive training for working with the program;
- The professional text editor with wide opportunities, such, as rectangular blocks, macros, drag'n'drop and so on;
- Highlight of syntax of numerous formats of documents (C, PAS, ASM, Perl, INI, Java, SQL, HTML, XML, PHP ...

SmartMode  v.1.0

Java architects define data schemas using the SmartMode Halogen Object-Relational Mapping tool, which ensures schema consistency across Java, SQL databases, and XML. SmartMode dynamically generates Java classes that can be invoked from JSP pages, Servlets, ...

JDBC Resource Monitoring Toolkit  v.1.0.3

You can see when java.sql objects are being opened and closed and can see the line of code where a resource that is still open was originally opened.

Teradata SQL Assistant Java Edition  v.13 10

SQL Assistant Java Edition is an information discovery tool that retrieves data from Teradata Database systems and allows the data to be manipulated and stored on the desktop. It is built on top of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP).

This ...

JAVA Dynamic SQL Assistant  v.1.0

A JAVA package (that can be compiled to a COM DLL) that assists database programmers in generating dynamic SQL, from any platform (using JAVA), eliminating ugly string concatenation code for a more eloquent OO approach.

JoSQL (SQL for Java Objects)  v.1.1

JoSQL (Java Objects SQL) provides SQL capabilities for querying, ordering and grouping of collections of Java objects (POJOs). It allows a SQL statement to be applied to the collection of objects and the matching set returned, ordered and grouped.

SQL to Java Code Generator  v.2.6.7

It maps any relational schema to a java API dedicated to access your database schema. It supports Oracle, SQLServer, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sybase, HSQL, etc...2 minutes to install/try...

Active Query Builder Java Edition

Active Query builder is a Java component to create SQL queries easily. It's visual interface is similar to MS Access so it is already familiar to most database users. Active Query Builder is a true two-way SQL query builder that allows to combine visual ...

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