Irfanview Flash Plugin


Flashtoggle  v.0.4

Flashtoggle is a Firefox add-on, it adds a widget in the Firefox add-on bar to enable or disable the Flash plugin. This add-on provides a simpler way to trigger the Flash plugin in the browser. Additionally, this extension is restartless, so just install ...

IrfanView ALL plugins  v.4.25

This package contains all the plugins that IrfanView currently has. Install this plugins if you want to extend your installled IrfanView capabilities to max!


Woof  v.1 1

Fortunately now, Flash can be trained to sit...stay... and be saved, giving you offline interaction with your favourite Flash sites thanks to FlashJester's pet project! Meet Woof, your faithful companion for Flash retrieval, who will search your local ...

Gallerymanager Freeware  v.

The GalleryManager is a Windows application easy to use without special knowledge to create your own Flash homepage with

multiple photo and video (*.flv) galleries with descriptions, gallery- and textmenus.
This GalleryManager requires ...

FlashJester Creator v.1.3 - Evaluation  v.1 3

The most complete Flash screen saver creator has arrived with loads of cool features you won't find anywhere else. From the Flash-focused kingdom of FlashJester comes Creator, your ultimate screen saver creation tool. All you need is a Projector file ...

Bytescout SWF To Image GUI (FREEWARE)  v.1.0

0 as well as Macromedia Flash plugin. SWF to Image GUI allows you to either capture all the frames available in the flash file or user can select frame number to capture. SWF to Image GUI can also be used as a simple SWF player. SWF to Image GUI allows ...

Magic Swf2Gif  v.1 35

Magic Swf2Gif is a powerful utility that uniquely supports to convert Macromedia Flash SWF to animated GIF. With Magic Swf2Gif, a gif file in any resolution and any frame rate can be output from swf file, so that you can display the swf image to users ...

BetterPrivacy  v.1.68

BetterPrivacy for Firefox, Super-Cookie Safeguard (protects from LSO Flash Objects, DOM Storage Objects). Better Privacy serves to protect against undeletable longterm cookies, a new generation of 'Super-Cookie', which silently conquered the internet.

Wiggle Stereoscopic (3D) Viewer  v.0.7.0

Wiggle is a client-side JavaScript program for aligning stereoscopic image sets and a Flash applet for viewing them. Authoring WiggleSets requires only a JavaScript browser, and a browser with Flash plugin (6+) is all that is needed to view the output.

DROPCLOCK  v.1.0.2

It also requires Flash Plugin Version 9.0 or Higher.

Oshirase  v.1.5.6

"Oshirase" is a movie and slide schedule player. If you plan to use a flat panel display for a video art show in exhibition or a computer kiosk in stores, It's a good idea to play movies and set up a schedule by Oshirase. Oshirase can display Info Ticker ...

CHIBI NINJA mail  v.1.1.5

CHIBI NINJA mail creates a cross-platform encrypted multi-language email message, an inserted image, attached files and a request receipt function. You can send and receive them using from your favorite mail software like Apple Mail on Mac OS X or Outlook ...

ANGO Viewer  v.1.1.2

With ANGO Viewer you can create an encrypted image and video file, and can see them by ANGO Viewer directory. Encryption is blowfish 128 bits.ANGO Viwer can handle files are GIFF, JPEG, PING, PICT, MOV, MP4, QTL, MPG, MP3, SWF. If you installed Flip4mac ...

JIKANKEI  v.1.6.4

JIKANKEI is a software of Art Project. The word JIKANKEI is the Time System in Japanese. JIKANKEI does not express scientifically accurate data. It is only an Art work. Linger in the morning brightness, in the afternoon glow, and enjoy the gradually changing ...

ANGO Note  v.1.1.5

ANGO Note lets you create and read encrypted notes. Used algorithm is 128-bit Blowfish. Kenji Kojima / Index.

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