Internal Clock


Chronos Atomic Clock Synchronizer  v.4.8.0

The program connects to various atomic clock timeservers and synchronizes your internal clock with time provided by these servers.

Key benefits:

Connects on many atomic clock time servers;
You can add any time server needed;
Improved ...

ReClock  v.

This program synchronizes your video output according to your video card's internal clock. This way, the frames will be displayed matching your video card's vertical sync parameter. The audio output is also synchronized to the same speed. ReClock can ...


WebTime 2000  v.3 8

WebTime is a small utility program that will synchronize your PC's internal clock with one of the several atomic clocks maintained by the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Clockr Screensaver  v.1 1

It takes the actual time from your computer's internal clock. The numbers will change from the default font set to random digit images taken from Flickr, if the computer is connected to the Internet.
Clockr Screensaver doesn't have its own interface.

ShuffleUpToDate  v.0.91

ShuffleUpToDate is intended to solve an annoying problem that arises from the fact that our beloved iPod Shuffles do not contain an internal clock. Therefore, whenever a song is played on the Shuffle, the songls last played date is not updated.This application ...

AutoTimeSync  v.1 5

It will connect to the Internet, check your PC's internal clock to the configured Internet time server, update your clock if necessary, and then exit. Since it runs with no user interaction at all, you can easily add it to your scheduled tasks, or even ...

WebTime  v.3 8

8 checks the time on your PC's internal clock and corrects it with the time of the Atomic Clock Server.

The first thing that the program will do, after installed, is to show you its window opened in the Explorer tab. There you can set the program ...

Maxclock  v.3.2

The software uses the internal clock of the computer and an easy-to-edit configuration file only.
2. The screen display has manual and automatic mode, update interval in automatic mode may be selected between one and 60 seconds.
3. Timely announcements ...

Active WallPaper

Have some fun with the internal clock sounds which ring the hours, half-hours and fifteen.

Ugo Disturbance VSTi  v.1.0

Additionally, you can even turn off the clock and use your Modulation wheel (CC1) to move forwards and backwards through the loop, almost like a wavetable.

Sequencer related features:
Slice length reduction
Filter cutoff ...

Friday countdown  v.1 2

It will take the date and time information from your system's internal clock, to show you a transparent beer jar that will be empty on Monday, and will be filled day by day, to become full on Friday, indicating you that it is time for your ...

RAPU Manager  v.4 2

The internal clock can be configured to playback routines at predefined dates and times.
The RAPU is the most accurate and advanced
solution for production and show control with audio.

UPA-USB Logic Analyzer  v.

Next, a capture mode is chosen, where the input signals are sampled at regular intervals based on an internal clock source. After the mode is chosen, a trigger condition may be set. A trigger condition can be triggering on a rising/falling edge or logical ...

Drumazon for Mac OS X  v.1.4.2004

This can be set to play using Drumazon's internal clock or set to synchronize perfectly to the host sequencer. Most of Drumazon's parameters can be automated within the host and also controlled using MidiCC with an external controller. An easy-to-use ...

Analogue Vista Clock

Analogue Vista Clock is an outstanding quality alarm clock for your desktop. It comes with six awesome, real time rendered vista-style skins, and you can download more. You can use one of its internal alarm sounds or configure it to play any external ...

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