Software Developed by Opera widgets

Widget Builder  v.11 51

Widget Builder is a Widget coded by Opera. It is made for developers who want to create scalable cross-platform widget applications compatible with any operating system and device, whether it's a normal computer, PDA, or even a smart phone.

Unite Media Player  v.12.0

Connect, browse and play your shared music anywhere. Browse your own and your friends music from this application. Play music right from their devices.

Twiget (Twitter Widget)  v.11 10

Twiget (Twitter Widget) allows you to get quick and easy access to your Twitter account. Get live updates from Twitter, post to and read from your Twitter feed - plus a whole lot more! Tell the world what you are up to!

Tutorial Widget  v.11 50

This widget tells you about the basics of using an Opera Widget and how you can use them. This is an application that you can use a lot if you are new in using Opera Browser. It is a very simple tutorial, but it does what it says it does great.

Simple Analog Clock  v.11 5

Simple Analog Clock is an Opera widget that puts an analog clock in your desktop. As every Opera widget, this application will run even if you do not have the Opera browser running (but you will need to have it installed).

Scripts of the World  v.11 51

Scripts of the World helps you write in any language or script on your computer. This widget will allow you to choose keyboards from around the world, and type in exactly those characters and symbols you want.

River IQ Game 3 on 3  v.11 10

River 3 on 3 game, the famous old game, is now available for your mobile phones, as well as for your computers running any operating system. It will challenge you to move three sheep to the other bank of the river.

Opera Middle East 2011 Calendar  v.11 1

Opera ME 2011 Calendar is a features of Cairo, Alexandria and Istanbul cities. This widget has all the bells and whistles. The theme are made to fit the look and feel of your Opera browser. It has included a few buttons you can use to show it off.

Open Source Notebook  v.12.0

Free software, open source, online privacy, and free speech propaganda for a more geek friendly future! Users should update to version 1.1 to minimize numbers of DNS requests, and netwok traffic. Longer entry summaries in new feed too!

My Opera  v.12.0

My Opera is a widget developed and maintained by the Opera Widgets team. It aims at providing a front-end client that deals with different aspects of the user's personal Opera account.

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