In Your Blood


Know Your Blood Type  v.

This application allows you to get information about your respective blood types. You can know following things about your blood type.

-Famous Personalities
-Health information about the blood type
-Nutritional details about ...

Only In Your Memories  v.1.2

This was my entry for the 120 hour Mini-RPG competition on The Daily Click (


Blood Alcohol Calculator  v.

With this application you'll know the level of alcohol in your blood, depending on your age, weight and units you have consumed ...

IBloodTracker  v.2. 2. 2002

You can track different pressure values such as systolic and diastolic, heart rate, weight and glucose in your blood. iBloodTracker will provide you with graphs that you can print out to show them to your doctor, allowing him to advise what actions to ...

Drink or Drive  v.

Find out what is the amount of alcohol in your blood, and see if you can drive or not. You can choose your gender, and also you can choose the amount of drinks you have drink, between beer, vodka, wine, cocktails, shots and whiskey. Finally you will get ...

DrunkTester  v.

Drunk Tester calculate permilles of alcohol in your blood. Than calculates when will the user be totally sober. The result is based on the quantity of alcohol, tested person weight and gender. User may choose between american, british or metric units.

WdNotify  v.1 3

This is an optional addition for watchDirectory customers that runs minimized in your system tray (the area with the windows clock). It can give you visual and audible alerts for file system events detected by one or more watchDirectory tasks on the local ...

Gravion  v.3.3

The game has 20
levels that will entertain you for long, in your spare time.

The menu F1: fullscreen
The menu F2: windowed
LMB: Shoot
Compatibility: All windows.
In this mini game you need to shoot down ...

Cheers! Blood Alcohol Calculator  v.2.0

Enter your body weight, gender, number of drinks, and hours drinking and it calculates your blood alcohol level. The Cheers program is in the shape of a beer mug so it looks like a cute toy. It's fun and easy to use. But don't let looks fool you. It contains ...

My Blood Oxygen  v.1 10

My Blood Oxygen software will remind you to take a blood oxygen reading - an alert will run in your computer's system tray at the times you choose to be reminded.
Enter in your SpO2 reading and optionally your pulse rate - My Blood Oxygen will record, ...

Blood Pressure (Free)  v.

Keep track of your blood pressure measurements.

* Quick and easy entering of new measurements.

* Graphical visualization

* Send measurements by email

* optional comments for each measurement

* Edit or delete ...

Blood Pressure Diary  v.

With the blood pressure diary you can track your blood pressure. Every time you take your blood pressure you can save it in the phone, so you get a better overview.

* To report bugs or suggestions, contact: ...

Public Reminder Add-In

This allows you to set reminders on items in any folder in your profile, including mailbox, PST file, or Public Folders. Reminders can be emailed to any pager or email enabled communications device or can send SMS messages to any mobile device, PDA, ...

Tank in Action  v.1.0

Move or simply blow up things in your way. And to destroy the enemy soldiers and their vehicles! Use WASD to roll your vehicle through the colorful levels of this physics skill game and your mouse to fire cannonballs.

UTS Blood Pressure for Palm OS  v.1. 8. 2002

UTS Blood Pressure (UTS BP) is the Palm OS software, that tracks your blood pressure and pulse.

High blood pressure is a serious condition, which often has no symptoms. Once high blood pressure occurs, it usually lasts a lifetime. But by taking ...

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