I Hate Shaving My Legs


I Hate That iTunes Done Chime!  v.1.0

I Hate That iTunes Done Chime! is an AppleScript that changes the sound iTunes plays after importing or converting a track to your choice of a System sound, no sound, or your choice of an AIFF sound. .

I hate you  v.

This is a simple program which can show your hate. You can use old pictures or photos can do for destruction. Your tools: spit, gun, spray, flamethrower, impress, kiss and you can save your pictures.


I Hate This Key Deluxe Edition

This handy utility sits in the system tray and allows you to control special key behavior. You can easily protect yourself from accidentally pressing unwanted key combinations. The program is intelligent enough to let you disable Windows Logo keys in ...

GetMeSoft  v.1 1

I hate spend hours for searching needed software. I hate check tons of links for figure out how I can download software. And I don't like to give out my private e-mail for giving access to downloading links. But I found solution. That?s new IE toolbar ...


i do jigsaw puzzles all the time and my mom is always putting them up before im done, but with this i never get my puzzles taken apart before im finished. Uk largest reseller of apple computers jigsaw is the uks premier reseller of apple computers and ...

Driver Backuper  v.1. 8. 2001

I hate to be harsh, but it does not let you do anything. I don't get why somebody would release a free application that can't do anything. The only thing that the free version does is list all the hardware devices that are presently installed on your ...

Duplicates Finder  v.3.1

Just a toy I made for my own use, but decided to publish for anyone interested. Large files and UTF supported.

Delete Locked Files  v.1.5

I made this software because when I'm cleaning my disk and some file does not want to be deleted. I will forget to delete it the next time, so it never gets deleted anymore.
Also when a virus or ad-ware software does not want to be deleted, then ...

PortaMenu  v.Menu

PortaMenu is a small launch menu that was created ages ago, for an older version of windows and that has now been reborn, as a portable device launch menu that I use with my USB pen, when relative paths were introduced in another freeware of mine.It's ...

EyeColour  v.

What will be eye colour of my child? Is it my child? Am I child of my parrents? Genetics can help you out. This app will how colour of childs eyes depend on parents. Be aware you can only tell colour of childs eyes after child is more then 2 years old.

Astro 2012  v.

People Speak"I have always followed Marjorie's predictions as they appear in a newspaper in India. But now I can lay my hands on detailed readings from Marjorie, wow. Can't wait. - Ravi Shukla, Bengaluru, India.""Marjorie's readings are fantastic, she ...

Mushroom Piano  v.

10 sheet music as as follows:
-Jingle Bell
-Rain Rain Go Away
-I Can Say My ABC
-London Bridge Is Falling Down
-Marry Had A Little Lamb
-Riding In My Car
-Happy Birthday To You
-Good Morning
-Ten ...

Eight Glasses  v.

But do you drink enough water? How do you remember? I'm lucky if I can remember my name let alone did I have 8 glasses of water to or was it 7....

This apps lets you track the number of glasses of water (or other beverage) you drink. It resets ...

Minnesota Feed  v.

If you have any issues or suggestions please email me and I will do my best to help you. Enjoy!

Toshl Finance  v.

★★★★★ "Now I know where my money is disappearing to now, thanks to Toshl, a smart little smartphone app for multiple platforms. Super simple expenses input. ” — BBC

★ Track expenses, incomes
- incredibly quick and ...

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