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Visual Weight Tracker  v.

The Visual Food Diary allows you to track your food using pictures. You can take a picture of your meal and record its value. That can be points, calories, carbs, fat, etc…whatever diet measure you are using.

Prayer List  v.

If you attend a small group there’s always a time at the end where they gather prayer requests. Or your friend will mention a prayer request. Or there are things going on in your life that you need to pray for. What do you do with these.

Long Term Cost  v.

Long Term Cost computes the cost of a payment or recurring expense over the long term. The payment or recurring cost can be something as large as a mortgage payment or as small as your daily cup of gourmet coffee.

Eight Glasses  v.

We have all heard the diet experts say we should drink enough water. But do you drink enough water? How do you remember? I'm lucky if I can remember my name let alone did I have 8 glasses of water to or was it 7.... This apps lets you track the

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