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Mini Game Icon  v.1.0

Mini Game Icon is a beautiful game icon library perfect for your folders, will give a fresh new look to your game files or folders. The set contains 1 well crafted icon, at a high pixel rate (128x128), in ICO, PNG and ICNS format suitable for various ...

Gravion  v.3.3

In this mini game you need to shoot down the blue blocks.
Beware of the red blocks as shooting them will take away points. The game has 20
levels that will entertain you for long, in your spare time.

The menu F1: fullscreen
The ...


Pokemon Battle Revolution PC Game  v.1

A Role play scenario game with adventures in every part Huge number of pokemons to see in the way during adventure Playing battle field mini game in the adventure trip Completing the levels by getting badges Tournament levels Including many series ...

Ordinary Game  v.1.1

In this mini game you need to collect as many coins and save your friends at the finish. This is only the first version of the game, and in the next there will be more baddies, features and levels. 20 levels in total, 10 of which are quite difficult and ...

Season Match 2  v.32.0

This action arcade story allows you to play a fairy tale or to choose a mini game. The story is in our world many years ago where the seasons ruled and show what a person possess. In this game you must help princess April to solve the different challenges ...

Android find difference maker  v.1.3

Android find difference maker is an easy way to make the mini game of Find-Difference which refers to pick out the differences between very similar 2 pictures in a certain time. These games run on Android system with the authors' individual styles in.

Your Brain Coach  v.3.0

What would happen if we expand these boundaries? Your Brain Coach is a small exciting mini-game that improves memory and attention. Very simple and ideal tool for improving concentration. Keep your brain in shape with the help of Your Brain Coach!
We ...

Ancient Gems

Go on a journey through Chinese mythology and match tiles to collect gems and discover the Elixir of Life! Great mini-game puzzles, amazing background scenes, 100 Match-3 levels!

Scooby Doo Surf  v.2.0

This mini game idea is very simple well our hero Scooby Doo Surf - Try to keep your balance and surf the waves in this online Scooby Doo game. If You balancing will be longer You will get more points.Your main objective is to keep Schooby surfing for ...

Animal-Like-ME  v.

Animal-Like-ME is a mini game that random an animal by shaking the devices to let you know that which animal going to be like YOU

Features on version 1.0
-Various animal random
-Facebook sharing ...

Chicken Kicking  v.

Based on a certain 'Fableous' mini-game, Chicken Kicking is an fun (animal rights charities may disagree), portable, way to kick chickens to your heart's content.

Pretty self-explanatory actually. Now have fun & don't tell Bill Oddie.

RoundSeesaw  v.

RoundSeesaw is simle mini game for killing-time.

Tap "start" button, ball will fall down to a seesaw.
You should keep ball from falling out the seesaw by "Turn this" pad.


Tap Shooter  v.

In this mini Game you need to hit "red balls" with a rocket. Every shot is very expensive. You get extra points if a rocket hits more than one ball. To reduce the price for the shot hit the green bonus item.

Number Cat  v.

This mini game helps foreigners to learn Chinese numerals. It is designed for people who don't know Chinese at all. This game is fun and exciting, completely different from traditional flashcard based learning. You can learn numerals from 1 to 99 in just ...

Origami Frog  v.

This is a simple mini-game, where you play as an origami frog jumping on a notepad. Collect flies to gain points and health. Avoid swans and ink spots!

Controll the Origami Frog with the + controller. Press red button to perform a double jump.

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