Game Score


Game Score  v.

The Score Games is an application that was developed to track the scores of sports games in general. With this app is possible to add names of teams and save the results. Easy to use and intuitively you can quickly track the results of real time matches.

Tichu Score Tracker 7  v.

Tichu Score Tracker 7 is a simple app that allows you to keep track of your tichu game score!

This is NOT the game! it only keeps score!

Easy and simple automated calculations!
Keep track of both teams score in one App.

Trial ...


IcSport Rugby Counter  v.

icRugby Counter will help you keep track of the game score when playing with friends or just watching on T.V.

Play pro or just with your friends and use our app to make the game better and more fun.

Love Sports - Love icSport ...

Farkle Dice  v.

Shake, rattle, and roll your way through this classic dice game! Score points with each throw of the dice. Stop any time to keep your points or risk it all with one more throw. Can you get to the goal before your opponent, or will you go BUST trying for ...

ScoreGeek  v.1.0

Make board game scoring easier with ScoreGeek! Track your game history, see detailed statistics and compete to unlock achievements! This is the ultimate app for board game geeks!

-Over 50 built-in score calculators assist you with scoring ...

MultiBowl Challenge

You have wonderful chance to train your skills and to score the goal. Become the leader of World Wide Football Championship. Enjoy 2 games modes for amateurs and soccer professionals: Championship - involves all your playing skills. No time to think ...

NetUno  v.

With such features as auto card sorting, sound toggle, background color selection, rule variations, Configurable maximum game score, online registration with web site displayed statistics for competitions as well as a local statistics database.

OO Picture  v.2 3

Each success, the game score will be increased according the leftover time & the quantity of help chart to tell which one is the master.

Volleyball Roster Assistant  v.1 2

Later, results such as per game score and the overall match results can be recorded.
Features included in the software include easy browsing of volleyball rosters on the front page, entering and editing of match rosters with 5 different game set ...

AnyMania  v.1.0

Provides with network multiplayer mode and online game score ranking. Supports keyboard/joystick/dance pad inputs.

Excellence OO Picture  v.1.0

Each success, the game score will be increased according the leftover time and the quantity of help chart to tell which one is the master.

WordGrid  v.1.0

When you enter a valid word, its score is added to the game score and all the letters contained in the word are removed from the letter grid. When there are no more letters left on the letter grid, the letter grid is filled again with letters and you ...

TT Masterchef  v.

TT Master Chef is a Fun Packed vegetable slicing game. The story of the game starts with Chef Man Chao Singh who is in a hurry to make something and is frustrated because he is not getting the right veggies. He is just furiously slashing and slicing vegetables ...

KajA­nek: the prisoner  v.

Then when you finish level 7, you can continue in the "game score".

In the "game score" you will measure forces with the prison Kajínkem while you will be achieving a high score. For the less "bar number" you get more points. Kajinek will be ...

X vs. O: Battlegrounds  v.

Player mode
- Introducing the Double-Strike, think you can get two strikes in one game?
- In-Game Score Keeper
- Engaging soundtrack by Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0 ...

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