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Easy network (LAN) monitor Galileo 2007

Local area network monitor Galileo 2007 is a tool to have a bar graph view of the performance of a network using ICMP Ping.
The application Shows numeric data about round trip time, data loss percent, time stamp of the event where a host did not respond,Speed ...

Galileo  v.7. 2. 2006

Galileo is an easy to learn and yet powerful and extensive project design environment that can be used ideally in all system and machine building applications close to the machine and process.

Galileo is designed for use in all sectors and ...


Galileo SSL  v.1.00.0014

Note, in order to use Galileo SSL, your contract with Travelport may need to be modified before you can begin using Galileo SSL to connect to the Apollo or Galileo host systems.

Note, do not install the Galileo SSL service in conjunction with ...

Galileo Print Manager  v.5.0.0002

Galileo Print Manager (GPM) takes the place of traditional print server hardware by using software to manage printing needs. It is a Windows based program which offers options such as the ability to print itineraries to any network printer on your network, ...

Galileo Toolbar  v.1.0

The GALILEO Toolbar is a browser plugin for the Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers from LibX that provides direct access to your library's resources. With the GALILEO Toolbar, you can link directly to key GALILEO resources, such as EBSCO databases ...

Galileo Fee Manager  v.2. 7. 2002

Galileo Fee Manager allows travel agents to more efficiently and effectively calculate services fees based on the content of the PNR and the service fee rules set by the agency.

When the agency's schedule of fees are loaded into the Galileo ...

Galileo document generator  v.4 4

Galileo is a document management tool for generation of invitations, letters, envelopes and more personalized advertising materials. Intended for businesses, which hope to turn every prospect into a returning customer.

Whatever you want to print, ...

Galileo Database Explorer  v.1.1 Beta 2

Galileo MySQL Editor is a Front End mysql database manager. It was originally developed by Joshua W Joseph, but now it is under Galileo Software llc. Features include: Cross Platform Support, Advanced Gui Editor and more.

EJS Galileo Sunspots Model  v.1.0

EJS Galileo Sunspots Model illustrates the motion and changes in appearance of sunspots as they move across the disk of the Sun. Galileo's observation of the changing appearance of sunspots around 1611 provided powerful evidence that the spots were actually ...

Projectile Motion (Galileo and Newton)  v.1.0

The EJS Projectile Motion (Galileo and Newton) Model presents two different views of projectile motion. The first view, associated with Galileo, describes projectile motion as a combination of horizontal motion with a constant velocity, equal to the projectile ...

Galileo: a Distributed Genetic Algorithm  v.1.0

Galileo is a library for developing custom distributed genetic algorithms developed in Python. It provides a robust set of objects that can be used directly or as the basis of derived objects. Its modularity makes it easy to extend the functionality.

Moeller NetPlan  v.3 1

Moeller NetPlan allows you to plan meshed and radial low-voltage networks without any problems.
Moeller NetPlan simplifies and reduces your workload, freeing you from time consuming and nerve racking routine tasks, whilst at the same time preventing ...

Home-Manager RF  v.3 6

The Home Manager is able to communicate with all of Moeller's other RF components, which means that all data of the utility system in the building can be interchanged and coordinated. Thanks to its straight-forward and user-friendly design, the Home Manager ...

LowOfGravity for PALM  v.1.0

Do you know lows of gravity discovered by Galileo, Newton and other great physics ?
If your answer is "Yes" then you can put the ball exactly in center of the target.
This is goal of the game.

To push the ball tap on it and slide the ...

Galileos Moon Mountain  v.Model

Illustrates the method used by Galileo to measure the height of a mountain on the Moon. Galileo's Moon Mountain Model illustrates the method used by Galileo to measure the height of a mountain on the Moon. Using his improved telescope design, Galileo ...

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