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Funny Math  v.

Funny Math is a math game with two game modes (at full version). The easy mode's (Math Operators) objective is to complete the missing operator in a given calculation. The other mode (Math Practice) is to complete the missing operand in a given calculation.

Statistics Pro

Calculate those tedious Statistics and Discrete Mathematics formulas quickly, easily, all while learning! Combinatorics (permutations and combinations, etc), probabilities, expected values, confidence intervals, data analysis, hypothesis testing and more.


Crazy Math Games  v.1.5

Crazy Math Games, a multimedia software, to help your kids learn math funny.

Six modules(Column Operations, Four Operations, Crazy Multiplacation, Searching Equations, Matching Questions and 24 Points) to improve your kids' mental arithmetic ...

Math Worm  v.2.0

A puzzle where you delve into a mathematical maze for answers to simple arithmetic equations. You must navigate the underground maze using numbers as clues while digging a tunnel for your math worm to get home. Mark the tunnel by completing adjacent arithmetic ...

Brain Builder - Math Edition  v.3.0

Brain Builder - Math Edition includes over 500 million problems presented in a fun multimedia format. Sharpen your problem solving and critical thinking skills by tackling math puzzles that are presented at precisely your learning level. The program includes ...

Math Homework Help  v.1.0

We provide a complete array of math problems ...

Talking Math Quiz FREE  v.

This talking app can help you improve basic addition, subtraction, division and multiplication in a fun and conversational way without any pressure.

This app adds fun to math by ...

Math Quizzer  v.

Designed by a certified math teacher! This app will help your kids learn their math facts using strategies proven to help kids learn faster.

- Provides instant positive feedback for correct answers
- Seperates problems into three levels of ...

Math Ninja Free  v.

Do you want to be a math ninja?
Then this is the right game for you!
In Math Ninja you have to answer mathematical tasks in a funny way in your preferred level. You have two hot games that are pushing your adrenaline to the maximum!

"Flying ...

Math Fly  v.

Exercise your math skills on a very cool way. Choose between easy (starts from 0 to 10), medium (starts from 0 to 100) or hard (starts from 0 to 1000) levels and test your ability to make additions and subtractions. The more correct answers you give, ...

Math Reaction  v.

Who is the king of Math? Be quick to get the right answer in this math quiz and proof your friends you are the deepest thinker!

Math Reaction is a funny reaction game for 2 players. You have to decide if the shown equations and numerical series ...

LangPad - Math & Currency Characters

LangPad - Math & Currency Characters provides an easy way to insert Math & Currency characters and symbols into your WordPad and Notepad text. Click the mouse on a character or symbol in the chart, and it will be inserted into your text.

Funny Creatures

Help Funny Creatures to solve original puzzles in the maze. In this puzzle game you should move colored creatures in the maze. To win you should follow each creature to its home. But it is not very easy to control the creatures because they can move only ...

Math Studio  v.2.9

Math tool for high school math, middle school math teaching and studying. Function graphing and analyzing: 2D, 2.5D function graphs and animations, extrema, root, tangent, limit,derivative, integral, inverse; sequence of number: arithmetic progression, ...

Funny face

Make funny face. We hope you enjoy these online games for preschool and grade school children. ... Make your own funny face by choosing a hat, eyes and a mouth. Create free customized clipart online like: banners, comics, blog buttons, ... Hours of fun ...

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