Fun Educational Toys


Fun Math Tutor - Kids Special  v.1.0

Fun Math Tutor is a fun educational based game for kids, specifically designed for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad device. Help your kids have fun while also learning something new. Teach basic math skills to your kids thru this fun and simple game. Play based ...

Guitar Trainer  v.1. 1. 2004

A fun educational game for Java devices that helps musicians learn the notes on the fretboard of their instrument. Supports a variety of standard and alternate string tunings: guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, mandolin. Training mode allows to focus learning ...


KidRocket Web Browser - Kids Browser

Each human edited, hand picked site offers many fun, educational and interactive activities for children and parents alike. Password-protected lockdown mode and Parental Admin Area, Art section Sketchpad Paint activity, Games, offline Math Flashcards ...

Synonyms and Antonyms  v.1 6

Synonyms and Antonyms is a fun, educational, and challenging word game that will be of special interest for people who like learning new words, and even for those who want to improve and build up their English vocabulary. The game basically consists in ...

Mediterranean Sea Map Puzzle  v.1.0

This is a fun Educational puzzle of Mediterranean Sea MAP. This is good for Geological Knowledge of a Child. It has a detailed MAP of European Countries, as well as the Mediterranean Sea area. The close countries of the area. the detailed MAP of the countries.

KidCoaster  v.1.2.0

A fun and safe way for kids to play and learn online. KidCoaster is an online learning and entertainment system for kids featuring kid-friendly websites, videos, games and fun educational activities. It's a fun and safe way to play and learn online. We ...

Lil' Jammin'  v.

Interactive, playful animation provides a fun, educational, and creative backdrop for these original children's songs. Designed for children between the ages of two and eight, Lil' Jammin' will have your child singing and bouncing along to these upbeat ...

ELapsMotion  v.

Animate everything

eLapsMotion allows you to create stop gap and time lapse animations, it is easy to use and lots of fun.

Bring toys and everyday static objects to life with stop gap animation.

Record time lapse animations ...

LiveBook-Office  v.

This app is designed by Hwang Shu Hsin

Office builds are never fun – they look dull, unexciting, boring. But tags can make them fun, educational and even revealing. This app shows you some of the tags on a non-descript building downtown.

C++ QUIZ  v.

An fun educational app to help you check your C++ Skills ...

C QUIZ  v.

An fun educational app to help you check your C Skills ...

Java quiz  v.

An fun educational app to help you check your Java Skills ...

Networking Quiz  v.

An fun educational app to help you check your Networking Skills ...

Words With Fish  v.

Words With Fish now on Windows Phone and Nokia Lumia! Form words by collecting letters from the sea among colorful fish in this fun educational game. Contains over 1000 basic English words.

- Colorful, fun & educational game
- Over 1000 ...

Preschool Adventure Island  v.1.1

Includes the following fun, educational games parents can do with their preschoolers! (More skill-building activities coming soon in the next update!) FISHING & COUNTING Learn numbers and counting as you catch sea creatures with your fishing pole.

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