Fortune Cookie Predictions


MB Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookies are considered to be an ancient form of divination. MB Free Fortune Cookie is an interesting software with an excellent program that gives you a reading for a particular day.

Fortune Cookie  v.

Ever had Chinese food and found out that you had no fortune cookie! Stop feeling unlucky and use this app to see what your future holds....


Daily Fortune Cookie  v.

Get fresh fortune cookie daily! Each day a new fortune cookie message is randomly selected. You may also browse the fortunes by date, view a random fortune, search by keyword and mark a fortune as favourite.

Catfood Software Fortune Cookies  v.2.22.0016

Fortune Cookies is a little application developed by Catfood Software which performs a single task: displaying a quote or joke on your desktop as if you were eating a Chinese fortune cookie, each time you log in to Windows or run Fortune Cookies. Besides, ...

Prayer Cookie  v.

Modeled after the concept of a fortune cookie, each refresh delivers a short original prayer.

User-submitted prayers ensure that the supply of prayers will always continue to grow.

Thanks for all the kind words!


MB Chinese Oracle

It gives you an instant look at your astrological sign and also the I Ching divination along with Mahjong and Fortune Cookie that helps you know about your near future. It also predicts the situations you may face in the future.

A cliche a day (old)

"A cliche a day" is the exclusive, Worksheet Genius fortune cookie. Every time you log into your computer, you'll be greeted by education related quotation. Never tire of turning your computer on and off! Amaze / bore others with your knowledge of barely ...

MyCookie  v.

Do you also think the best part about your meal at the Chinese restaurant is the cookie? Well, then this is the App for you.

Get your daily Fortune Cookie fix with MyCookie. Choose from 7 categories of quotes to lighten up your day, give you ...

FortuneCookie  v.

open your fortune cookie and read the advice of the day
the luck comes, ironically and seriously


Buy the full version to hide ads ...

FortuneCookies  v.

Fortune cookies can be inspirational, an expression of love or simply fun. Open one fortune cookie each day to see your fortune message for the day.

Weather Signature

WeatherSig also allows popular fortune cookie abilities and customized signature settings for your business or private use. Includes thousands of one line jokes, proverbs, quotes of the day and more.

MB Divination I

MB Divination I is a comprehensive divination software that lets you understand the esoteric world of divinatory methods. This combination includes different methods of practicing divination. Each has its own charm and people find comfort in different ...

Mystic Palace Slots HD  v.9 64

During normal play the terracotta warrior acts as a wildcard and substitutes for all symbols except scattered fortune cookie symbols. Scattered fortune cookie symbols pay anywhere.

Winstep Xtreme  v.11.10

Winstep Xtreme includes NeXuS, the dock system with live icon reflections, WorkShelf, a tabbed dock, NextStart, the menu system that also takes care of all your task management needs with Windows 7 "Superbar" abilities, Winstep Start Menu Organizer, which helps you organize and clean your Windows Start Menu, Fontbrowser, a simple font browser with an easy-to-use interface, and desktop widgets such as a speaking atomic clock, Email checker, weather monitor, recycler, fortune cookie reader, ...

Zen for Linux  v.3.0

What Zen does is search several text files of "fortune cookie" sayings, and display one at random. The fortune cookie files are just plain text; you can use your favorite text editor application to edit them file to include whatever pithy pearls of ...

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