Finger Print Unlock


Finger Print Scanner  v.

New Technology, Get into your Vault using your finger print.
Most Trustable and nobody can getin other than you.

Finger Print  v.


With this app, you can scan your finger! It grants access only if you are YOU!

Of course, there is a trick behind that... Can you demonstrate, that you are YOU? Can you make the phone, to grant access for you? Let's find out!

And ...


FingerPrintScan  v.

fingerPrintScan is an app that tells you your mood as per what your finger print scan says.
Just tap or keep your finger on the scanner below, fingerPrintScan will tell you your mood once it is finished scanning your finger.

The Lie Detector  v.

*60K+ Downloads
*Top 150 free app
*Featured on Windows Phone Market Place

This app simulates as a finger print scanner with scanning animations, and determines whether the person is lying or not!

But ofcourse, its ...

The Lie Detector +  v.

This app simulates as a finger print scanner with scanning animations, and determines whether the person is lying or not!

But ofcourse, its only a prank! You have control over the results, by simply tilting your phone to the left ...

Pdf Printing Copying Security Remover  v.1.3

Program is designed to unlock pdf owner password as well as pdf open password both but keep it in mind that open password is mandatory to type to remove lost owner password. Axommsoft pdf restrictions remover is easy to use user friendly tool to unlock ...

MD5 Calculator  v.1.0

MD5 is algorithm that consists of 32 characters that represent a hash value of a file or a certain text and considered like a finger print for that file or text.
You may wonder why getting the md5 value for a file is important , The answer ...

Fingerprint Scanner  v.

Want to fool your friends as if your scanner can find their Love partner info!?? then try this awesome Funny Love Scanner for FREE!!

The most useful Finger Scanner app which shows info about the romance future partner. Fool your friends by simply ...

Mediapurge  v.5.61a

Whether you want to edit tags, sort files on hard disc, find duplicates, create file names out of the media tags,
edit tags and file names, sort files on hard disk, search for duplicate files (full automatic, audio compare using acoustic finger print) and much ...

CSIpix Comparator  v.1.0

CSIpix provides standard digital image processing functions, but what's unique are the automated functions that have been written specifically for efficient processing/enhancment of forensic images, such as:

- Text Enhance (scans) - aimed at making the written text on lift scans more visible
- Automated Scaling - automatically detects a ruler in an image and determines the image scale
- Automated Levels Adjustment - auto contrast enhancement over a selected region or the entire image
- Perspective Dewarp - uses a reference ruler present in the image to perspective dewarp the image so that analysis of the evidence in the image (fingerprint, shoe print, tire track…) will ...

JPegger  v.4 5

Main features:
-User-defined fields, image groups and tables
-Text embedded on image
-Master/Slave JPEGger servers help manage WAN distribution of large files
-Archive images and dynamically mount archives
-Drivers for 4 port analog encoders
-Drivers for Document Scanners, PDF's, Finger Print Readers and ...

JT Connection Manager  v.3 2

JT Connection Manager is a weary easy to use,easy to download and easy to understand software.Connection Manager is simple on the eyes because of its small interface.Able to import and export work rules for off-site e-mail support requirements.Daily backups ...

Protect Shareware  v.1 1

- Hardware Finger Print for licensing of the software.
- Debugger Detection system.
- Web based registration
- Ability to register the software offline.
- Select the number of trial runs.
- Up to three levels of key generation ...

Sabre BioPC  v.4.0

- Controls access to entrances and rooms as required according to time and / or department / job title
- You are able to track your employees attendance by means of notification via SMS / Pop-up or E-mail on request, this means that you can be anywhere in the world and still have your finger on the pulse of ...

EZee BurrP!  v.6.1.101

Offers Integration with KOT Printers, Receipt Printers, Cash Drawers, Touch Screen Hardware, Customer Display Pole, PDA, Finger Print devices, Caller ID, Barcode Scanner & other hardware.
4.Supports configuration of Happy Hour Menu, Set Menu, Multiple ...

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