Express Dial Professional Phone Dialer


Express Dial Professional Phone Dialer  v.2.02

Express Dial Professional phone dialer is an automatic dialer for Windows computers with VoIP or a voice modem and headset. It can be used to automate the dialing of a list of numbers (as a predictive dialer) or to call single numbers when required using ...

Phone Dialer Pro  v.5.6 Rev. 25

The multioption replacement for Windows dialer. Phone Dialer Pro has the capability to dial phone numbers from any document or browser page. Phone Dialer Pro is a feature-rich phone-dialing utility for tracking calls and redialing if the line is busy.


Express Dial Telephone Dialer

Express Dial is a phone dialer for Windows computers with a voice modem and headset. It can be used to automate the dialing of a list of numbers (as a predictive dialer) or to call single numbers when required using only your PC, modem and headset. Load ...

Phone Dialer-7  v.1.0

Utility for dial and store phone numbers by computer. May be usefully if you have many mobile phones and want use union phone book, for example, for family, or for company working with big data base of phone numbers etc. Just press one key for dial a ...

TRx Professional Phone Call Recorder  v.4.31

TRx is a personal phone line recorder program for Windows. TRx lets you manually record telephone calls on a phone line connected to the voice modem (or other telephony card) of your computer. TRx also works as a caller number ID display system and lets ...

Express Invoice Professional Android App  v.3.83

Express Invoice is easy and portable billing software for business people on the go to easily create and track invoices, quotes and sales orders. Generate professional quotes, orders and invoices that can be printed, emailed or faxed directly from inside ...

Phone Dialer  v.

Windows Phone Limitations:
* no access to Facebook contacts. Workaround - link/copy to Windows Live contact
* apps can't call to USSD
* apps can't call withouth confirmation dialog
* apps can't interact with missed/incoming ...

Excel Dialer Pro  v.

It has all the features of Phone Dialer Pro plus:
- dials directly from Excel spreadsheet with the single (or double) mouse click
- or it can dial automatically all phone numbers from the spreadsheet
- records phone conversation to a wave ...

Voicent AgentDialer  v.

AgentDialer is a predictive dialer and a semi-automatic dialer combined system.

In semi-automatic dialing mode, the system can rapidly dial a phone number by the press of a key. Once connected, you can talk on the line, play pre-recorded audio ...

Dialer+  v.

Dialer+ is your personal phone dialer giving you quick and easy access to your dialing pad (this is a phone, after all!), but with some useful additions:

* Smart Dial - searches your numbers as you type (including searching for names with numbers, ...

Jon’s Phone Tool  v.2.0.1

About Jon s Phone ToolUses a Bluetooth mobile phone, your Mac's modem, or speakers to dial the phone. JPT can also make calls via Vonage, Ovolab Phlink, or Parliant's PhoneValet. You can enter a number manually or you can use the integrated search tools ...

Email Marketing Express  v.

Email Marketing Express is professional and perfect email marketing software. It will help you design and deliver millions of personalized HTML and Text messages to your customers as well as helpfully provide you with detailed reports and delivery logs.

Express Delegate Dictation File Manager  v.4.11

Express Delegate professional dictation file and workflow manager allows for three levels of users, Speakers, Typists and Managers. Users can login to a web based console to upload and download files or files can be sent automatically via FTP or email.

Jon's Phone Tool  v.3.7.2

Jon's Phone Tool (JPT) is a versatile phone dialer for Macintosh.Apple provided you with a digital hub. With JPT you can finally add your phone to the party. And we're not just talking about your Bluetooth mobile (though that's a good start). Prefer to ...

Express Invoice Plus Edition  v.6.03

Express Invoice Plus is a invoicing software for Windows. Manage client accounts, quotes, orders, billing, invoicing applying payments and much more. Make your business excel with an online console so multiple users can create invoices, reports and apply ...

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